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LLVM contributor hits breakpoint, quits citing inclusivity intolerance

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Itching to stuff iOS 11 on your iPhone? You may want to hold off for a bit

Graeme Mudie

Re: Installed fine on all my devices. Seems a bit snappier too in operation

My nexus 7 received regular updates until Google released the Pixel range. Now I use a samsung tablet and my wife's old samsung note 4 - both are running android 7 - thanks to regular updates from Samsung.

Why does herbal cough syrup work so well? It may be full of morphine

Graeme Mudie

Re: Codeine

That all changed in 2004 - herbal medicines in Europe (yes, including the UK) have to be tested for effectiveness and for the level of active ingredient in the herbs for a shop to be able to sell that to you as herbal remedies.


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