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Remix OS: China's take on an Android operating system – but for PCs


Re: @naive - Promising

"Android is a bugger to keep up to date and patched. Some technical reasons dating back to Android 1.0 mean that keeping Android promptly updated and patched is a mess. Hence Google's ChromeOS, which can be kept up to date very easily."

That's wrong. Native Android devices (Nexus) for example get security patches on a regular basis. Only the screwed up Carrier controlled forked versions of Android are like you are saying, That's not Google, that's the carriers fault.

Trump's new thought bubble: Make Apple manufacture in the USA


Re: Hang on Mr Trump...

Hey! We can make a bad toupee!


Re: So Trump's master plan...

North Korea makes iPhones?


Re: The Candidate

I never thought of Republicans as stand up comics until they started trying to put Trump in office.


And the Devil said; "Who needs the Anti-Christ when I have Trump?" He'll get us WW III in no time!


Yes, especially the unions.

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