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Lyft, Uber drivers boost app surge prices by turning off, tuning out – and cashing in


Why do the media keep perpetuating the "ride sharing" myth. They are TAXI companies pure and simple. There is no ride sharing involved

OK, Google, please do a half-hearted U-turn: Stay of execution for smart home APIs after Big G goes cuckoo in the Nest


My £20 thermostat and £10 TRV's have worked fine for 20 or so years and it doesn't matter what company they are from or if it is bought, sold or goes bankrupt - they will keep working fine. Having also had no need to change the settings on any of them in those 20 years, apart from some testing when the boiler broke, it amazes me that anyone thinks spending hundreds of pounds on this is in anyway cost effective or useful never mind the obvious security holes and data slurping they are adding to their life.

Yale Security Fail: 'Unexpected load' caused systems to crash, whacked our Smart Living Home app


Re: The "Smart Home" crashed?

"Just avoid any "Smart" Home system"

There, I've fixed it for you :-)

Amazon: For every dollar of op. profit going into Bezos' pockets, 73 cents came from AWS


Why be an owner, when you can be a renter?

@ rmullen0

Seems to be the modern world. Look at other things like new car purchases etc - ever increasing numbers of PCP deals. The only thing that seems to be going to other way (a little) is mobile phones with fewer people getting their handset as part of their contract.

Plus, of course, the bean counters often prefer opex to capex spend.

In a touching Monty Python tribute today, Microsoft's Office 365 makes everything spam


Re: This is News?

And this is why you never allow automatic updates on anything! But, of course, you have no such control over O365 et al.Not that you can tell that to the bean counters who are actually making these decisions. Or the IT departments who think that because it's trendy to do "cloud" then everything should be cloud.

obligatory python reference: This isn't an argument, it's just a contradiction.

Hey, IoT vendors. When a paediatric nurse tells you to fix security, you definitely screwed up


Happened to me in the last month

Well, I recently made an appointment with a local hospital clinic. 2 days later I received and invoice so not being that gullible I contact the hospital and reported it. 1 week later my appointment was re-arranged, you guessed it, another invoice. Which I also reported. 1 week later I got a thank you call from the hospital IT, they had found and deleted the virus.

Imagine this was a nasty virus in some sort of cardiac machine that was needlessly connected 24/7 that wasn't used for a few days and then................... Most machines would only need to connect to the network at certain times, i.e. when actually in use, or to download/upload results.

ISPs: UK.gov should pay full costs of Snooper's Charter hardware


Has anyone thought about the security of the data? What a gold mine for the crims and hackers to have this data distirubuted across so many hackable opportunities!!! What i this data had been available on TalkTalk servers when they were hacked?


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