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Andreessen stokes the Facebook Free Basics ‘colonialism’ row


Re: "free data service that gets impoverished rural Indians online"

And also if you want to equate *free* to paying a monthly fee for a regular data plan without subscribing to which you can't avail your bundled "free" plan

free basics - neither cost is FREE nor is the content BASIC/worthwhile.

It is a subsidy for people with existing net access rather than free gateway for new people with no access

Are Indians too stupid to be trusted with free Internet?


Re: @m0rt - AO has a good point.

what if a rich person donated some of his books free to the library and the library allowed you to rent those books alone for *free*? but you still get charged regular membership fee to enter the library?

THAT is the situation in India. it is not free but part of a overall monthly package for a regular data plan but you once you run out of monthly quota you get to access Facebook's free websites alone without having to top-up & this doesn't include WhatsApp that is also owned by Facebook.


Re: Kindle 3G

I am amazed, if anybody is getting free Kindle data in India.

AFAIK, nothing is free in India, including so-called "free internet" which still requires subscription to a monthly plan (> Rs 150 pm I think)

There is so much cartelisation in India, like Dish channels where I cant add a HD channel, if corresponding SD channel is not part of base package that I have subscribed, so to get the HD channel I want, first I need to buy one of the costliest base packages then on top of that pay additional for HD experience.

Sometimes I think the regulators go very much under-appreciated and they are a necessary evil. I am not sure what the author is smoking. He normally makes reasonable & logical points.

AMD to nibble the ankles of Nvidia this summer with 14nm FinFET GPUs


HBM(2) might be used only in high-end GPUs (manufactured in TSMC)

the laptop class and low-end GPUs (replacement for 360, 370, 380) displayed initially and which are supposed to be manufactured at GloFo will ship with GDDR5 - which is more than enough and suits the purpose for this class of GPUs

the higher class of GPUs (replacement for 390 & Fury) which follow later would have - the costlier & more powerful - HBM2 and presumably manufactured out of TSMC's proven high performance process

the zen APUs expected to ship in volume next year (2017) might ship with 1st-gen HBM (expected to be affordable by then) as L4 cache/dedicated-GPU-memory in addition to supporting plug-in ddr4 chips for CPU.

and special version of zen for consoles might be manufactured with SSDs built into the SoC itself I guess

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