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Facebook takes a break

David Temple


Atleast is stops me playing packrat...I can get back to work now until it's fixed

Or maybe I'll just read The Register cover to cover.

Work is for wimps

Uncontacted rainforest tribe caught from the air

David Temple

...I've got a little message for you

Is it me or do the orange chaps look like umpa-lumpas?

Tekken set to kick big screen ass

David Temple
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@ Richard

tr.v., slat·ed, slat·ing, slates.

To cover (a roof, for example) with slate.

To put on a list of candidates.

To schedule or designate: Our professor has slated the art history lecture for Thursday afternoon; was slated to direct the studio's next film.

Firm punts RaidSonic NAS server for £6.2m

David Temple

The cheek of it

Buying a camera case for £1.5 million and they still have the audacity to charge £4.50 delivery!

Damaged DNA fixed in nuclear 'workshops'

David Temple


Suck my crick and do me up the watson - exciting stuff

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