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Northern UK smart meter rollout is too slow, snarls MPs' committee


My recently installed (as a replacement) non smart meter (apparently “smart capable” - probably the smart functions are enabled by replacing it) has an expected life of “at least 10 years” so suspect 20 years is ambitious...

If most punters are unlikely to pay more for 5G, why all the rush?


Re: Capacity, not speed

Sorry, based on my experience yesterday toy need to add a few travelators (moving walkways) at Euston so that I don’t have to walk half the way home given the length of the trains slready, but broadly an excellent plan.

EEk! Mobe network's customer services down for more than 24 hours


Re: Anyone tried to reach out to Kevin Bacon?

Subtle. Have an upvote

Nest's slick IoT burglar alarm catches crooks... while it eyes your wallet


Re: Rasberry Pi to the rescue?

I’m using a Pi + zwave sensors to actively monitor an elderly relative, the solution is capable of probably 90% of all that a wired intruder alarm does, but I’d be very reluctant to rely on it as such, it’s wireless (= not always reliable), the Pi has an occasional “moment” (once in 15 months that I’m aware of); basically I’d go for an alarm self installed rather than have the annoying and ironic experience of finding someone has broken in and half-inched the easy to grab shiny tech.

I’m waiting for a spate of thefts from houses of Nest security systems (there is a small hope that each device has a unique Id so if it gets stolen it can be blocked, but really this should not have to be a feature of a security system)

Tarmac for America's self-driving car future is being laid right now


Re: What's a "self-driving car license"

Surely autonomous cars won't rely on visual cues or manually entered speed data, but will either have that data as part of the satnav feed or a built in database of all mandated limits.

My current (fairly standard deisel) car detects speed signs and displays the last limit passed on the instrument cluster. It falls back to the satnav data if required. Useful, not earth shattering, but good to see it in action with the odd error (usually when signs are partially obscured) so that the process can be refined

First working Apple Mac ransomware infects Transmission BitTorrent app downloads


Re: Arggggg

Up to date anti virus ignored the download of transmission 2.90. Not willing to see if it would grumble on "installation". I assume the payload would be encrypted (A/V client reported file it could not scan when I asked it to scan the downloads folder containing Transmission (& other files). A/V - yes it should be running, but it does not help much with latest malware (FYI running free version of Avira on OS X)

Researcher criticises 'weak' crypto in Internet of Things alarm system


oops. have just bought this very hardware for an alarm upgrade, to allow remote access etc for alarm checking / reset. I'm struggling to understand why anyone with a clue would link an alarm system over the internet without using a vpn though. As for traffic not being encrypted on the LAN, surely if someone has access to your Lan it's mostly game over anyway...

Telecom have an opportunity here to pull their finger out and probably steal a lead on the competition - some of the systems available are truly appalling (wireless systems with one way transmission)

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