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Laptop industry hit by components shortage

Nick Lindridge

Dell changed our order to an inferior screen at the same price - maybe this is why.

We just received a laptop from Dell that we had ordered with a 1440x900 True Life screen, and what came was the model with a basic 1280x800 without even the true life. Depsite this, they charged the full amount to the credit card and didn't tell us.

It seems that even though the product was advertised, offered and accepted with the higher res screen, Dell subequently dropped that screen from those models and they cancelled our order without telling us or asking whether it was acceptable (which it isn't as the low res screen is unsuitable for purpose), and maybe this is because the high res screen is no longer cost effective for them on cheaper models.

Having bought numerous Dell machines in the past, we thought it pretty disgusting and shameful that they should pull a stunt like that, and also really annoying as it now causes major inconvenience in trying to resolve the matter in a satisfactory way.

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