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UK set to greenlight chimera research

Matt H

Reminds me of something I watched last night ....

Alien : Ressurection anyone? lol

But seriously, I think it's great that this research is going ahead, the possibilities of essentially being able to grow spare parts for humans is fantastic. I just wonder how long it is before over-sized genitalia is grown and sold for 'augmentation surgery' :D


TimeUK mounts $22m Evesham bail-out

Matt H

Another Ex-Employee

As an ex-after sales support technician (tech support) dealing with the more tricky issues, I can safely say that it's unsurprising that the company had ended this way.

Constant releases of products that were basically un-fit for the intent in which they were sold, with little or no information about said products given to anyone in tech. In fact, only really the product managers ever got to see the products before our customers did, oh apart from the people who packed them into the boxes.

QA checks before equipment was sent out were non-existant, bad components were continuosly used (and sold) with known problems that *would* affect customers, presumably due to some cushy deal with said suppliers. R+D were completely unable to do their jobs and completely over-ruled by the profit margin. I personally was a specialist for one product, that I'd never even used .. we ended up learning more about our products from customers than from any internal source, not that the more senior technicians didn't try, but they were so bogged down with bereaucracy and an almost conspiratorial veil of secrecy over any information that could prove to be useful that they simply could not perform the job which they were aiming to do.

So essentially a company reliant on it's image was forced into selling inferior products coupled with an under-equipped after-sales department collapsed, as it was inevitably going to do in most people's eyes, and especially at the Director / MD level ..

Which is such an incredible waste as there were some truly talented people in tech support and across the whole company, a great bunch of people, united in the face of adversity until the end, unfortunately they've all been totally bitchslapped by the very hand that fed them.

I just hope that everyone can move on to other jobs and stay in contact with each other, and to all the ex and current employees of Evesham Technology Ltd - Nill Illigitimi Carborundum.



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