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Intel ME controller chip has secret kill switch


Re: I guess I know what architectures to avoid...

The only open ARM platforms are fairly low-features, and lack proper a proper MMU that can enforce memory protections. (Anything with access to the DMA function, can access the entire memory space)

Russian spies used Kaspersky AV to hack NSA staffer, swipe exploit code – new claim


Re: US intelligence source make stuff up ..

"In other words, we're just making this shit up. Lets just call it what it is, certain US commercial interests want to deny market share to Kaspersky under the pretext of national security." Even if it did happen, all it means is that NSA subcontractors are terrible at opsec and should be prohibited.

The contract put top secret exploits on his personal computer --- WTF? Additionally Kepersky is not approved for use on top-secret systems. If true this subcontractor is going to be fired and maybe go to jail for mishandling classified material.

Learn you Func Prog on five minute quick!


Re: Recursion

"Stobb forgot to discuss one important dogma of Functional Programming: No loops, ever."

Not really, this is generally just a byproduct of maintaining pure functions. Often the compiler will optimize recursion into a GOTO, other times it builds a stack of function calls. , A while loop checks the state of some memory location, does some stuff updating at least one memory location and jumps into a goto. Using recursion or higher-order functions is a way to prove you aren't relying on state mutation, and thus certain types of reasoning about the code are guaranteed to be correct in a way you couldn't guarantee if there was a while loop capable on manipulating internal state.

Eight budget-friendly 1TB SSD data packers for real people


Re: Ever had an SSD fail?

>>It hardly comes across your mind that maybe the SSD thing is *principally* wrong for the position.

I've been running a 90 GB OCZ Agility 2 for about 4 years now as my main OS drive on my main computer. That was the smallest drive on a "notoriously" unreliable budget line. If has almost 17,000 hours on it. 2,480 power cycles, (55 unexpected). It has 4288 GB of writes, meaning about 47 write cycles and no retired blocks. I fully expect the drive to outlast my computer.

Or course I'm running Linux and went through a lot of trouble to put the least where and tear on the drive. 1. File-system on drive without partitions to aligned with write blocks, ext4 stripped to align with erase blocks. 2. TRIM 3. Swap partition on a conventional HDD.. 4. /run as a tmpfs

There are similar precautions you can take with windows, but sometimes it feels futile as more often than not you feel like you are fighting the old M$, rather than actually being able to make the OS behave like you know it should.

Microsoft encrypts explanation of borked Windows 10 encryption


Re: RIBsiq

'BTW: how does one turn on the equivalent functionality (FDE using HW encryption on SED) on Linux, please?"

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