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Larry Ellison's Brit consortium in 'advanced talks' to buy Aston Villa


Anything to do with this?


It has been heavily redacted (recently). See the comment stating so right at the top. Still, it makes for interesting reading even in its redacted form.

This Vardy fella seen here:


...reminds me of Gideon in parliament. More the eyes than anything.

What's going on here then?

What's wrong with the Daily Mail Group buying Yahoo?


Re: Odd Language

Side boob.

GCHQ can hack your systems at will – thanks to 'soft touch' oversight


Re: Yawn.

You have no idea if the spooks, basically, are very successful at what they do.

You have no idea, in fact, what they do.

That is the problem.


Re: Yawn.

Do you work for .gov?

Lots of folks exposing the Paris shenanigans on YT. I recommend morris108 for some nice analysis on this and other world events. Or peekay22 if you don't mind swearing and a direct Aussie approach.

Peeps don't believe anymore. You know that old story, the boy that cried wolf? Have you forgotten Mister T B liar already? Or how about the Kuwaiti diplomat's daughter?

There there Mr Bryant. You've had your shots from the nice nurse. Would you like a nice cup of fluorocillic acid to wash that down with?

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