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iOS 13 leaks suggest Apple is finally about to unleash the iPad as a computer for grownups


any details on mouse support...?

all I can find is that it can’t be done, except

- if you jailbreak

- for RDP only

- long press space bar gives you a sort-of pointer, but only within text boxes

If iOS apps can run on MacOS, iOS apps [practically] need mouse support to run on MacOS.

Any links to instructions and known working mice would be great!

The Brydge iPad Pro keyboard with TrackPad at...


...is perfect! Too bad it is merely a concept that can’t be realised without mouse support in iOS.

Frankly, if they added mouse support, and a USB-C port to iPhones so you could dock them to become full computers with external display, keyboard and mouse, they’d increase their iPad and iPhone sales by at least one each [from me]…

Home users due for a battering with Microsoft 365 subscription stick


Windows 10 S will be 'free'; Windows 10 will incur the subscription; ARM64 'free', X86 chargeable

In the last few years, many things now run in the browser. Home computers may run Windows 10 S, without the WIN32 stack. A slim, light OS with a smaller attack surface and simpler updates. It runs a browser, and from the browser, you can run Office Online. That's what you'll get with a new computer, and it's "free". With the browser switching to a Chromium engine, and all the extensions available, that will meet many people's needs.

If, however, you want to use WIN32 apps, then you'll pay the subscription...

Perhaps what's been holding people back is they currently use Edge to download and install Chrome, and don't need or wish to install anything further (or be exposed to nasties).

Now that the browser will use Chromium and its extensions, that final step isn't required either; you don't need to install WIN32 apps...

Another scenario; consumer computers switch to ARM64, run this edition that can't run WIN32 apps. If you want an X86 computer, then you pay a subscription...

My two thoughts.

Meet the open sorcerers who have vowed to make Facebook history


standards exist from ITU, GSM and IETF

ITU has X.400, X.500 and X.503. These provide a secure email, directory services and Authentication and authenticity. Except for certs, these aren't mainstream, if they were, there would be a compatible, integrated persistent chat standard, I'm sure. These standards anticipated the need for global directory (today we use LinkedIn) and means to prevent phishing and spam. Sad the standards didn't catch on.

GSM created IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), then Rich Communication Services (RCS, "joyn"), another open de jure standard. Would have an integrated, compatible persistent chat standard, I'm sure. Would have integrated Twitter capabilities into SMS. Sad the open standard didn't catch on.

IETF has XMPP. Sad the open standard didn't catch on.

The other challenge will be these networks cost money to run, but today they are "free" (no cost) to users, so getting users to pay won't be easy.

Most communicate via mobiles, and most mobiles are replaced every 2 years. If regulators insisted on open, standard support in smartphones, we could have ubiquitous support by 2020. Never gonna happen :(

In the 1990s, Sun bought then sold Cobalt Qube appliances; think Google Suite|Office 365 in a box (but much more primitive). I think the concept still has merit.

Can you put all these together?

If my broadband router's Ethernet ports supported Power over Ethernet, and I could add something like Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, which ran as an appliance, (ran an open, self-updating OS and email, chat, etc servers; like Cobalt Qube running X400|X.500|XMPP) as part of an open global federation (like Diaspora), that might be part of a long term solution. In exchange for hosting the federation, it would be free for me to use.

Microsoft whips out PowerApps – now your Pointy Haired Boss can write software, too!


Is this the successor to InfoPath...?

Microsoft announced that InfoPath 2013 would be the last version, and something better would replace it. Is this it...? Seriously...?

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