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BT engineers - missed appointments


Repeated Openreach cancellations

I confirmed on appointment for today, 24th November, on Friday 20th November, arranged hotel to be there by 0800 and drove 130 miles. So, large expense and night away from the family. This morning I chase and am told that Openreach have moved the appointment until tomorrow. So another night in a Hotel away from my family, yet more cost.

They did exactly the same to me on 25th August, as per the following complaint we sent them

An appointment for an Engineer on-site visit was arranged back on 17th August. This appointment was for an engineer to turn up between 0800 and 1300 hours on 25th August to perform the upgrade. We were also advised that our external IP was changing which meant that technical support had to be on hand to minimise loss of business and reconfigure our external comms.

In order to ensure that our technical staff would be there by 0800, our ICT administrator went to Market Harborough the day and spent the night in a hotel. His combined travel, subsistence and hotel expenses alone are close to £300, not to mention his daily wage which we have not factored in.

We find it totally unacceptable that Openreach:-

1. Failed to attend during the hours of 0800 and 1300.

2. Did not contact us at all – we had to call you to chase them

3. then advised that we should hang around until 1800 hours as they would definitely attend

4. Failed to attend again despite these assurances

5. Claim that they could not get hold of their engineer – are they not a communications company?

6. claim they attended at 2200 hours and that no-one was available. This was a business appointment, how on earth did they expect the office to be manned at 2200?

7. claim they left a voicemail stating that they had attended. This is not believable

As a result of the above, our technical staff had to remain in Market Harborough until much later than planned, which would have incurred another hotel night charge had they not chosen to drive 150 miles home.

We also find Openreach’s claim that they attended at 2200 hours ridiculous. Our technician’s contact number was given, and no voicemail was left. Lastly, the site is very secure and has rising bollards that are designed to stop heavy plant machinery being stolen from the site, so the claim that the engineer entered the site in an Openreach Transit van is not believable.

I would be grateful if you could pass this complaint on to Openreach and also to advise where we should send our invoice for our technician’s travel and hotel expenses, directly incurred by their failure to attend.

Openreach's response? They did not even bother to reply. Has anyone had any success claiming compensation from Openreach?

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