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Owl in a day's work: Commvault picks up software-defined type Hedvig for $225m


Re: Solving the wrong problem!

Spot on analysis. Commvault will be sold and this acquisition will end up in the trash heap.

Commvault simplifies product count, condenses 20 into 4


Re: When is complete not complete?

HyperScale is the hardware appliance so it makes sense that it's sold separately. Not everyone needs hardware when they purchase data protection software.

Alleged $17.5m fraudster accused of duping HPE out of 42,000 servers


This is a big problem for companies like HPE. So HPE sells a huge number of laptops to someone on a phony large deal with special pricing and they are targeted for the Chinese market. (maybe a school district in my example). They would contain Chinese version operating systems, power cords, etc.

Then the fraudster ends up selling these laptops in Europe at some shady storefront or some online market place for a nice profit. The buyer calls HPE support to complain they got a Chinese laptop and HPE has to now work to make it right for the consumer (or have angry customers).

Shares tumble at flash-disk array maker Nimble: Time to crack open the all-flash?


Canary In The Coalmine

This and the Pure IPO spell the death for additional storage and hyper-converged companies from ever going public. The VCs will stop funding these companies and many of them will slowly wither and die away. Nimble, Violin, Tintri, Tegile, SolidFire, Qumulo, Pure, Nutanix, Simplvity (I'm probably forgetting some). They won't be acquired and they can't merge together.

There's a bubble in the storage startup market and it just burst.

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