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Victorian government teacher-laptop scheme illegal, says judge


It will get worse now!

As per the actual court transcripts the info mentioned here is not quite accurate...


It was more expensive for Apple yes, but...

Round 1, Cycle 5

Lenovo ThinkPad L420 - Cost $684.00, they paid - $4/fn or a whopping $364.00 over 3/4 years for the entire lease...

Apple MacBook- Cost $1,149.00, they paid - $11.50/fn which was out of pocket $1,046.50.

- Not $799 and $899 respectively like you claim.

But you will find that's more because it's Apple and apple don't budge with their prices, don't negotiate so are not a viable brand of NTTP long term. The department also had no obligation to provide Apple machines at all, it was an OPTION for staff to make their own informed grown-up decision about, it they stupidly chose to pay 3 times the cost for an Apple that was their own doing. Not the dept.

End of the day though, teachers never had to have an Apple, they could have had a Lenovo/Acer and if a school didn't allow that it would be the up to the union to take on the school forcing teacher in question not the department as a whole for providing what in the scheme of things was a sweet deal!

I would argue any tech working in the education system would have more of a 'work requirement' to have a notebook provided for free. But I doubt many have that. I like the rest had to pay the whole price for our own, usually up front too!

Also where is the policy for this statement?

"The scam scheme was protected by a Department of Education policy that forbade teachers from bringing their own machines."

I honestly never saw anything like this, and any school I worked at has always allowed teachers to bring their own machine if they preferred - as long as it was up to scratch (not some ancient windows xp/vista thing).

Teachers (more so the Union) will find out the hard way 'Don't bite the hand that feeds you!'

Because 95% of the 150+ teacher laptops I worked on over the years were used primary for home use and secondary for school/work use. Most filled with downloads, porn, viruses, gigs and gigs of home photos, music, illegally downloaded movies and the such...

So, the department might have to provide them a machine for work.. But no where does it say it has to be for personal home use as well... Which is why most teachers will end up opting for BYOD so they only have 1 device, which in turn will be a technical nightmare and bring the whole network and system to its knees because 1600 sites with 40,000 staff will not cope with a BYOD system, and the department won't provide home/private use machines any more now...

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