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Only plebs use Office 2019 over Office 365, says Microsoft's weird new ad campaign


I must be way out there

Great banter in the comments here - I almost fell off my chair.

We try to make cost effective use of modern technology and methods.

Last month I finally managed to remove all traces of M$ dependency from our IT estate- except a natty SQL Server I use for prototyping nibbles of code for clients.

Anyone else had much joy with onlyoffice? - I got community edition running using a freenas appliance , using a bhyve VM and ubuntu with MAMP stack, integrated with a nextcloud installation running in a jail on Freenas - - Sound complex? maybe to install - but works pretty well once in. SSL is still a bind - but so it should be -

Some features of onlyoffice are interesting - such as lack of ISO Date formatting in spreadsheets - but then you realise you can configure the cell as a text data type etc - - but for a quick get up and go browser based office suite it is pretty good

(we switched to Chronos for user devices - cheaper and easier to maintain than some)

Having the might of M$ for scale and security is more a a piece of mind. With skills and research, the lesser known kit is flexible and importantly - controllable - once installed - it is possible to close the door on the never ending upgrade path. And minmised downtime.

Right - strong coffee for next chapter - may throwing a 3-D ball for that 3-D dog

Huge Apple news confirmed. Software deal with Accenture is official


Re: So what are they going to do together...

Well - maybe not shred - how about blend?


You want to migrate how much data?


Re: Get a better filesystem

Definitely - let's hope ZFS support long continues. Pulled ourselves out of what would have been catastrophes without it. Encryption, pools, what more do we need?


Re: I love being a pleb

Finally - I read someone who shares my ideas! A thumb up there.

The number of ops and devs guys that cringe when I roll out my "mickey mouse" .bat / .cmd with fast chugging data shifting capabilities using bcp, sqlcmd, sqlplus, sqlldr, mysql, sqlite3 etc etc . Meanwhile they are scratching their heads with the fancy ETL tools and their turnaround time is a matter of weeks of debugging as opposed to my mere hours, (captured, written and loaded to target)

Cloud Application services and storage are more practical for the startups, looking to capture data related to social media. The sad factor is those firms are not normally furnished with people that have the forethought for scale and optimisation leaving a less than optimal solution.

Migration is fun - thankfully we don't have to get involved in what happens after it has moved

After all - we will be moving it again soon as the accountants and shareholders finding different ways of demanding do more with less... Rinse and repeat.

Amazon now renting physical servers you can cuddle and love


Re: Desktop Private Cloud(tm)

Private Desktop, Own Server with cloud like synchronising functionality, et al, to the general user base?


It all comes down to the same tiresome set of variables sadly. People don't like to pay as they for the most part believe computing and internet should be as free as possible. And it is exactly that freedom that is going to put the general public at large in the cavernous hole of never owning their own data and general computing experience. The international firms have this all sown up with sharp marketing and "cheap now" price tags.

Good luck if you can shift a user license on the private desktop though - might be more scaleable than my aspiration to place a server in everyones home with [secure] cloud syncing facility.

GCHQ director blasts free market, says UK must be 'sovereign cryptographic nation'


As is absolutely reflective in British Society - Drink tea from a cup, use a knife and fork, and obey all the following (plus more) organisations (in no particular order)

Royal Navy

Royal Air Force

Royal Army



Constabulary (many many)


Bank Of England

And In 2015 / 2016 - added introduction of

"Royal Encryption and Cryptography"

Associating that the Crown will own the keys to the security of customer personal data stored by suppliers of broadband? Something charming [though not sure what] about this naivety.

Good luck to all participants in that government and commercial relationship. A few more champagnes on ice for that likely successful debacle.

Tin hats at the ready

UK government looks to harness the potential of open data through APIs


Possible Typo?

Might have thought that protecting the integrity is more costly than preventing?

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