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Solar-powered netbook spied in Spain


Hell yes!

I live in Greece, and my EEE 4g Surf is great and all, but I wish I could use something other than the mains, solar power would be great for me on the move and typing at a cafe, hopefully for longer than 3 hours with wifi and sound off, with brightness turned down.

Ugly looks aside, and fairly poor spec, for that price it's better than you would expect, as anything solar powered is expensive.

Can anyone tell me why we don't have a portable solar panel which you can then plug your computer into?

I'm not talking about those cool little FreeLoader ones which charge phones, mp3 players etc. Netbooks etc obviously won't charge off USB, but will need to use the socket like with the mains, so why isn't a solar panel marketed like this? Problems converting the energy?

Bioshock sequel teaser trailer now showing




First I've heard of the rumours... I think after the Good Ending (which incidentally made me cry, one of the few games to do so) the general feel was that this was supposed to be one of the grown-up Little Sister's, or a child of one, after they were rescued.

On that note, if it's a prequel, how could she know the model of the Big Daddy?

I'm loving the period music though, gave me memories of playing through certain levels.

In any case, this was one of the few games I purchased at full price (got the Collector's Edition too) instead of waiting for the price to go down, since it was worth getting for the experience. I hope that the plot will be as involving as the original, since the world was so absorbing with all those audio tapes etc.

Let's hope it won't be another 4 years before it's released...

Software company seeks 'Senior BJ assistant'


@ Ishkandar

How could you forget the IT related injury: RSI...

Imagine working a normal 9-5 day on that job! (pun intended)

PS3 capacity boost claims are claptrap, says Sony UK

Black Helicopters

This *IS* supposed to be a console, you know...

It's easy to say, 'you can just bung any h/d inside it', but you're defeating the point of buying a console, which is a standalone system without the need of any upgrades at all.

Most of the readers here won't mind ripping it open to do so, but will normal parents and teens do the same?

Are all new consoles going to become glorified PCs in the end?

Electrical contact lenses created for in-eye displays

Thumb Up

Power levels?

IT'S OVER 9000!!!

Internet memes aside, this could be a very interesting prospect, I wear contacts or glasses, so it would be different to see the world with a digital HUD.

Once the functions are increased, it could probably even do tiny things, like to check for suspicious arm movements (if you're a bodyguard/secret service agent) or even stupid stuff like tally petrol prices on the road to check on later to find which one sold at the cheapest price.

Losing one at the back of your eye might hurt though, and dropping it in the street would be expensive...

I just hope it doesn't my current health level or weapon ammo remaining, then that'd be a little too scary...

Bloke finds missus working in brothel


Okay, time for some facts...

A simple search brings up a few real cases:


And there was also the famous case of an army man ironing a hamster, then microwaving it afterwards...


Water scooping planes (known as airtankers) can take in sea water, as I saw a group of three Bombardier 415s do so during the Greek fires last summer. Regarding that urban legend, as you read in the above snopes link, the hole through which it gets the water is only 4x6 inches big.


Regarding the story, maybe they divorced because the husband requested another prostitute instead, and the wife didn't take too kindly to being cast aside for a better, newer model? (tenuous IT related pun intended)

Nintendo kills Wii ads due to console shortage


Plenty in Greece

Just looked online at a major retailer (think PC World, but with intelligent salespersons, if a little pushy), and the standard Sports pack is going for €235, around £169 (Internet price only), with free shipping, available in 24 hours. I could make a killing shipping these over to the UK, but it'll be too much trouble for me.

http://www.plaisio.gr/product.aspx?product=907995 (Warning, Greek language to all you xenophobes out there!)

Shame I don't want one for myself...

Flying cow destroys minivan


"Cow launched"

Earthworm Jim would be proud of this effort.

Nissan builds twirly-cab sideways electric pod-car



This can only end bad when you have PR like: "You can go everywhere without worrying about your driving skills." Makes me wonder what sort of nightmares we'll have to put up with once people who supposedly have no skills actually drive it (not that people with driving licenses are complete saints either).

Road rage against other drivers might go down, but I can see the urge rising in ripping the head of that little nodding, smiling robot off each time it says: "It looks like you're trying to park your car. Would you like some help?"

All joking aside, as a concept it looks good, if only the parking can work smoothly and efficiently, and if it can maintain a decent speed on motorways. I can see that people would get annoyed at being overtaken by something from Mario Kart (wheels as bubbles? Never mind...). I can't imagine what a high speed impact would do for the driver though...

Free software campaigners stonewalled at BBC



Obviously the support for an Open Source iPlayer is huge, I mean, 20 whole people?

In all seriousness, what percentage of people in the UK actually use Linux on a daily basis as their main computer? The iPlayer seems to be useful for people who missed the previous episode etc, and are these people likely to be geeks, or chavs using their computers?

The iPlayer's main function seems to be to 'get up to date' with your favourite programs, not to keep them forever, hence the need for some protection, even if it is cracked within a day. I also agree with POPE Mad Mitch comments.

I'll bet that the BBC has done at least some research and found that Windows is the most widely used OS in the country, followed by Macs, then the hardcore Linux crew, who to be honest, have better things to do than moan about the iPlayer.

Intel revolted by its own 'insensitive and insulting' ad



'Land of free speech' my arse. Are advertisers, comedians and just about everyone not even allowed to make a simple statement without having an entire community/law agency/PC crowd jumping on them? If they had a black and a white man talking, but the white man was smiling, the other looking upset, would that annoy people? There was a time when black people were segregated due to their colour, is that what Americans want again, by constantly indicating potential cases of discrimination?

Talk about heightened sensitivities...

The sheer irony is that if the runners were five photoshop layers of one white man, no one would notice. Selective memory, or convenient racism through absence of skin tone?


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