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TalkTalk downplays extent of breach damage, gives extra details


Thx dd88ddd


Does anybody here have a clear idea of the nature of this breach? How was it achieved? I can't help thinking that quite a lot of the debate is down to different assumptions about what has happened.


Re: Luhn Check to Retrieve card details

This doesn't make sense. What would be the point of storing only a partial card number? Surely you need the full card number if you are going to use it.

Perhaps you could point to the pci statement that backs this up. Or explain how Amazon manages get payments authorised without storing the full card details?


Re: She's not telling the truth

I don't see why your first paragraph should be of any concern to a TalkTalk customer. The only person who loses out seems to be the kind of idiot who would buy an insurance policy of some bloke in a pub, ffs.

Let's get real, folks.

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