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Windows 10: What's coming in 2016?


Windows 10 is dead

No professional I know will touch it. Aside from its dysfunctionality, which is horrible (why the TP edition was so much better I don't know) -- the aka.ms/msa has ruined it for any professional.

That aka.ms/msa is wholly incorporated by reference into Windows 10 EULA Paragraphs 14 and 1b(i). The aka.ms/msa Paragraph 3b says that MSFT can slurp whatever private data it wants for 'investigating' whether you are obeying its Paragraph 3a Code of Conduct, which in the US bypasses all due process of law, and instead you only have recourse to arbitration.

So all third party data on your machine which is confidential, can be slurped, which violates HIPAA and every other privacy law on the planet, so you can be quickly sued out of existence.

This same aka.ms/msa applies to nearly ALL products MSFT panders, now. Happy bankruptcy.

DROP DEAD MICROFOP. Will avoid anyone using your stuff post Win7.

Mozilla: Five... Four... Three... Two... One... Thunderbirds are – gone


Re: Mozilla awash with money IIRC

Actually, this could be a great thing for Thunderbird. It's always been nearly impossible to get bugs fixed. I reported bugs in TB 24 three YEARS ago and only late last year did anyone even reply: the reply acknowledged that what I reported was a 'serious flaw'.. but by then I'd forgotten what I reported!

With the horror of the current Mozilla management thinking they should abandon what had been a good browser to instead imitate the FAR INFERIOR Chrome and the DEAD TOMBSTONE erm 'Edge' in Win10, who wants TB to go that same route?

If only they'd offload Firefox too, before they wreck it entirely...

Microsoft rides to Dell's rescue, wrecks rogue root certificate


No, but we sure tire of yours. :P

Sneaky Microsoft renamed its data slurper before sticking it back in Windows 10


GATES is in charge, he's to blame. Seriously.

Took me forever to put all the facts together, but now it's clear. BLAME GATES. All his charity work has no value, considering the amount of SUFFERING he's imposed on us all for 15 years, ever since Vista. Or, post-XP.

* Folks want to blame Ballmer, but he's just a fall guy. It was GATES who wants Windows on everything, just like his house.

* The factions, intra-company politics, on-again-off-again flops which are famous now, well.. all that, to obey Daddy.

* Daddy, doesn't care about the customer, he cares about foisting his vision in the name of the greater good. But the greater the push, ignoring the customer, the more EVIL has been done.

* EVIL, as in BILLIONS of agonizing, lost man hours trying to adapt to the latest update or UI change or driver problem or update, or worse: the latest 'new' OS which borks all your programs and drives your life into the toilet. OVER AND OVER AND OVER FOR 15 YEARS!!!!

* EVIL, in that manufacturers were DICTATED TO about how long they could sell a given OS, no matter what the market wanted. And still are.

So Ballmer, now Nadella, and of course the heads that rolled and the ones still attached to the top brass, the Board, the fanboys -- they are all pawns.

Proof is just the history, look at it. And I'm not even talking about all the anti-competition stuff everyone else mentions, because I don't know about it. What I do know, is that it's EVIL to have baked IE into the core of the OS just so you could outdo Netscape; EVIL to do it still for Bing and Cortana; EVIL to have CREATED this monstrosity of insecurity, then have the chutzpah to scream how you keep on needing a 'new' Windows to be 'safer'.

I could kick myself for ever having believed in MiscreantSoft. I avoided Windows until Win95, and then only because I was forced to use it, in order to do tax returns online for my clients. But with XP, I became a fan. Ignorant fan. Mea maxima culpa!

NEVER AGAIN. Finally Linux has just this past June gotten over its own geektard self-righteousness and produced something a small business owner can actually use and install. Just in time. For MSFT, is history.

Wish I knew that earlier, but mas vale tarde que nunca.

I don't know which is worse: a Win fanboy or one newly disgruntled, like me. Cheers.

Big Brother


Doesn't matter, and of course you can't see it, they HIDE that stuff. Sickening Win10 fanboys use that HIDING as an excuse to claim no such data is collected, but hey, it's BY CONTRACT that they can collect whatever they want, whenever they want.

The actual contract terms are in several places, so I had to create a thread about it in a new forum I created (new since August, due to Win10), here: http://brainout.net/frankforum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=59

Forum now has a lot of topics. No tracking, don't want your real name or social or id or birthdate or even email to join (board doesn't email, no ads, no mods, no tracking, I need anonymity so everyone else gets it too).

Downloads for Windows 10 November big-bang build axed by Microsoft

IT Angle

Re: Maybe, just maybe..

OR, what we're seeing is a policy war. Factions pro and con independent installation. The con faction won.


Re: Maybe, just maybe..

Or, trying to destroy it. Do we have a second-generation of seedpod people or did some militant anti-MSFT group infiltrate? Sure seems like one or the other.

Fire them all, including pseudo-Gates and the Board. But then will the 3rd generation (since Gates and Ballmer) be the same? How far down did the seedpods infiltrate?

For surely at the top, no sanity reigns.

Hillary Clinton: Stop helping terrorists, Silicon Valley – weaken your encryption


Re: "certain Cheney haters"

Yeah, me: I like him a bunch. So too, millions like me. And I want him back.

Hillary is not a hawk, wouldn't understand diplomacy, economics, military needs or flat anything if you paid her. Even after you paid her.

Cheney is exactly what we need. But he is probably sick to death of US. I don't blame him. I wanted him as Prez from the beginning, but he'll be likely an advisor (if he wants) if the Repubs get back in power.

You Brits don't understand how much we Yanks need more of the Bush family advisors. They're the only reason why we aren't having another Dunkirk.


Let's weaken Hillary instead

Vote NO HILLARY on Election day. She's infected us long enough.

I can't say who to vote for, really. Am leaning toward Jeb Bush and John Kasich, both kinda moderate for Repubs, who have competent advisors (always vote largely based on the advisors). The others are hotheads or have other problems. We need professionals, not hotheads, as the bureacracy in DC is now infested with you know what. Only professionals know where to find them and get them out.

So let's weaken the Hillary encryption, and keep our own. Guns don't cause crimes, people do. Encryption won't cause crimes, people do. TARGET THE PEOPLE. Most of them don't use computer stuff, it's old-school Arab word of mouth mostly in the mosques, hiding behind women and children, putting bombs in schools, etc. Ever since 610 AD, we can predict the tactics.

Kids' tech skills go backwards thanks to tablets and smartmobes


The report text is more illiterate

Someone needs to translate the text quoted in the report. It's gibberish. So was the report writer only 16? No, clearly chronologically older, but definitely verbally challenged. A clear-thinking individual can write in simple declarative sentences. A befuddled individual writes with long words in gibberish, as shown in the article here.

Worse, it does not follow that simply because tablets are more widespread now than in 2005, that the TABLETS are to blame for more incompetence. No one sane makes arguments like this. A bunch of other possible causes need to be ruled out. The report, is tantamount to claiming that if you have headaches and if all folks who have brain tumors have headaches, than because there are more headaches there are more brain tumors.

Finally, I know trained surgeons who could not do on a tablet, the three tasks given the 6 and 10th year students. I do legal documents for a living, and they have problems when I email those documents, even figuring out how to print them and sign and scan them back to me. So they are clearly skilled in medicine, but despite using iPads and iPhones all day long, can't understand how to print and sign a simple form; let alone, the complex tasks in the report.

We all know there are several different kinds of intelligence, too.

Now, the above items should be sufficient to warrant someone concluding, 'oh gee, maybe we're doing our testing wrongly!' Ya think?

Microsoft chief Satya drops an S bomb in Windows 10, cloud talk


Really? Committed to my privacy as security?

SO WHY ISN'T aka.ms/msa RESCINDED??? Well, because its Paragraph 3 by contract allows MSFT to slurp all your PRIVATE OFFLINE DATA to its servers, in the name of POLICING whether you are obeying a CODE OF CONDUCT which no one anywhere in the history of software or services, imposes on its customers!!!!

But oh, MSFT cares about my privacy? Really? So when someone accuses me to MSFT of having nudie pictures (Paragraph 3a.iv. of aka.ms/msa, go look it up) -- and then MSFT slurps all my private offline data only to find out I have NO such pictures -- not that it was any of MSFT's business whether I did or no -- then all the THIRD PARTY CONFIDENTIAL DATA MSFT HAD NO RIGHT TO VIEW is now in its servers, too. So now those third parties can sue me, and I will become bankrupt. Because, THEY did not consent to MSFT's slurping, but if I'm dumb enough to use Win10.. I did.

So tell me: how is Nadella gonna pay me for his lying about protecting my privacy, when BY CONTRACT HE APPROVED, MSFT SLURPS ALL MY PRIVATE OFFLINE DATA IF I'M DUMB ENOUGH TO USE ANYTHING MSFT PANDERS????!!!!!

Read it yourself, aka.ms/msa which is incorporated by reference in Win10 Eula Paragraph 14. Longer list of all the relevant MSFT links are here, plus legal ramifications summarized: http://brainout.net/frankforum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=59

Microsoft quietly slips out patched patch for Outlook – in camouflage

Big Brother

The Borg/Seedpods have taken over

So resistance is futile. We can only LEAVE, or BOYCOTT and wait for it to DIE. Which is extremely painful, but until both the Board and all the top brass of MSFT quit/leave/die, the infection will not go away. Maybe not even then.

And when you cut off a head, the chicken runs aimlessly, so that won't help, either.


Re: I've thought long and hard about Linux..

Yeah, me too. But when faced with the prospect of Windows crashing all the time as your indefinite future BECAUSE they aren't willing to a) TEST the junk prior and b) won't let YOU get rid of it prior, Linux is the only alternative.

But not as a replacement for the older Windows that works. As an adjunct. It surfs well, uses famliar browsers and email clients that sync with the same UI and characteristics in their Windows counterparts. So, buy or create EXTERNAL Linux installs, sample howto here (works for any distro in about the same way): http://brainout.net/frankforum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=6 .

I learned that the hard way. The Linux forums don't seem to realize that if instead of installing to internal you install solely to EXTERNAL drive (not all distros will allow it, either), you don't have to learn Linux much. You don't have to mess up your internal Windows drive and its ever-touchy mbr, either. (BIOS has to be enabled to boot Linux from external, and you have to turn UEFI off for some distros, but that's easy.)

So that's my business plan: keep my old Windows machines, Linux online, Windows offline. So I can leave this hitlerian aka.ms/msa that MSFT is now imposing on all its stuff, and leave its constantly unprofessional and borking updates. Past is prologue, and the prologue is Windows offline.

Microsoft boffins build better crypto for secure medical data crunching


MSFT's aka.ms/msa violated HIPAA so must be boycotted

Encryption, like all Win10 services, are covered under Paragraph 14 of Win10's EULA, which houses aka.ms/msa which demands that MSFT slurp all your private offline data, and imposes an arbitrary CODE OF CONDUCT to justify that slurping. So, when someone accuses 'you' of whatever, then the slurping, then all the THIRD PARTY DATA on your machine is slurped, so THEY CAN SUE YOU for data breach.

So I told my physician clients to avoid Win10 and all the other 'services' covered under aka.ms/msa. Unless you like bankruptcy.

So who cares about encryption, when MSFT claims CONTRACTURAL RIGHT to slurp it? And you are left the victim, and it goes scot free?

Microsoft sabotages own Lumia smartmobe flagship launch


Re: No comments an hour after posting.

Funny; I'm also newly feeling that about the whole OS, all MSFT services, and MSFT itself. How many times do they promise and how many times do they lie. Newly aka.ms/msa governs all their stuff; so newly, its Paragraph 3 Code of Conduct which only they adjudicate; and newly, uniliterally, they assert the right to slurp all one's private data and to bork, remove, publish one's private data. Which newly, makes one subject to lawsuits from all third parties whose data is on one's machine; for those third parties, did NOT consent to aka.ms/msa on one's device.

So I regret that I didn't jump ship before. But at least no private data gets slurped. Never again will trust them, and clearly the incompetence in management will never again arise, either.

So newly learning to use Linux online, for newly turning off all Windows updates, and keeping the Good Olde Windows.. offline.

Food, water, batteries, medical supplies, ammo … and Windows 7 PCs


Deja Vue

Back when Win8 was going to come out, I bought (in pairs) what are now 8 Win7 PCs, and thought that was overkill. Surely, I thought, a later Windows will come out to fix what's wrong with 8.

Little did I know that my Win7's were the best investment I could make. The real Windows Last is Win7. I prefer XP so surf using Linux so I can keep using XP offline, but Win7 will suffice when my seven XP machines no longer work.

I'll be dead by then.

How Microsoft will cram Windows 10 even harder down your PC's throat early next year


Re: @psychonaut - ... but what about the T&C ?

DO NOT apply your remarks to the OEMs. The OEMs only make money from selling machines. Win10 is cramping sales of new machines, and you can prove this readily. Go to Lenovo, Dell, HP. I just did that last week, since I made the 'Four Big Lies' series in Youtube (posted as Brain Outy and in September?), to see if what I had posted in video, was still true, that these Big Three are NOT selling Win10.

It's still true, but with some major changes. Lenovo is no longer using Win10 downgrade rights to keep selling Win7 laptops, as the Win7 machines HAVE SOLD OUT. There was only one left when I searched Lenovo last week.

The other two, Dell and HP are still using Win8.1 downgrade rights to sell more Win7 machines for their business laptops, and aren't selling ANY in Win10. This, being the end of October, is quite remarkable. Means either they didn't buy many Win10 licenses or the Win8 is so overstocked they are selling those first. As downgrade rights.

Win10's EULA paragraph 7 allows perpetual downgrade rights, but the windows.old rollback allegedly will only work for 30 days. Frankly, 50/50 chance of it not working at ALL, given the complaints of those who used windows.old to rollback. So best to clone your pre-10 machine using Clonezilla or Macrium Reflect, prior to giving into Win10.

The point is, the datamining profit is NOT something the OEMs can profit from, nor do their sales practices bear out your claim, so please exclude them from your claim in the future. Thank you for your time.


Re: a looming disaster

Thank you, psychonaut. As one of your potentialo customers in paradigm, here's a solution I'm using for my 19 Windows machines:

Linux online, Windows offline.

As the provider, you can adopt this idea by creating customized Linux external drive installations and then tell your clients to plug them in whenever going online.

I used Mint 17.1 (.2 is buggy), PCLinuxOS, Fedora 22, as the latest three; these I installed on 60 GB old external drives and some sticks (Kingston 3.0 being much faster, sizes from 32 GB to 128GB). These installations I customized and then plugged them into each of my machines, booted, which saved the settings for cards and peripherals, one machine after the next. So now, when I plug in, booting is much faster, as the 'library' of the different machine settings, is stored somewhere in the Linux bootloader (which I think is named 'grub' or whatever).

Then I just use Firefox and Thunderbird as usual, since those programs are already configured in my Windows machines. So now I can take all my Win7 machines off Windows update, and my XP machines are already EOL and off it. So now all those machines have new life.

So now for you the computer service provider, this makes for a happier relationship at your end, more money, and happiness at your clients' end. At least, I hope so.

If everyone had just one customized Linux stick to plug in when surfing, all this MSFT bullying would be bypassed, and MAYBE then MSFT will wake up and smell the coffee.

Thank you for your time.


Re: I hope this works

They are not pushing it on XP users, YetAnotherLocksmith. So that's one more reason to stay on XP. If I'm paranoid about exposure online, I just plug in one of my external Linux drives and surf: instructions here, I own the forum so you won't be tracked, I need anonymity too: http://brainout.net/frankforum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=6 .

You can buy the sticks in Amazon by Prizix, too. I have tried to contact that company to urge them to make customizable installations rather than installer sticks, but I never hear back from them. Even so, you can pick whatever distro you want, and just follow the instructions in that link. Yell at me if I'm unclear.

I love XP. Don't have to give it up. I sorta love Win7. Don't have to give it up. I hate the hitlerian aka.ms/msa which is core to all MSFT is doing in Win8 through 10, go read its Paragraph 3b and then 3a to see why it can justify slurping all your PRIVATE OFFLINE DATA, which no one in the industry ever has claimed to do before.



" 'We understand you care deeply about what happens with your device,' Terry Myerson, Microsoft's Windows supremo, wrote"

Bollocks. MSFT understands nothing, and refuses to listen, as usual. The man hours and money lost trying to defend against the disgusting GWX is enormous. How all that money chould have been saved and spend on helping people, instead of messing up their lives.

IMMORAL, and all the charities Gates sponsors are UNDONE by this IMMORAL continuance.

Boycott MSFT, that's the only thing their deaf ears might hear.


Re: We are thankful

The whole thing is designed by lawyers, in the name of 'monetizing the desktop'. See, if MSFT arrogates to itself the right to POLICE your data per a CODE OF CONDUCT enjoined upon you when you first install Win10 -- and you can't know that, because to read those LICENSE provisions you need a browser into which you can paste aka.ms/msa and read its Paragraph 3 -- if MSFT thus becomes POLICEMAN, it can justify SLURPING ALL YOUR PRIVATE DATA and thus target ads to you.

The lawyers then smack their lips, for the very act of slurping puts MSFT in a litigious position, a) because the disclosure isn't properly done at installation, and b) all third party data on client machines is thus BREACHED into MSFT servers, so any fourth party can now sue MSFT to provide that data in the name of ACCUSATIONS pursuant to Paragraph 3a of aka.ms/msa .

I tried to flesh out the salient legal issues here, http://brainout.net/frankforum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=59

Now, since that's an unavoidably and provably IMMORAL thing MSFT has done, the MSFT fanboys will do all they can to subvert its discovery.

Bear in mind none of those provisions can be legally used by governments. Governments, must have warrants. MSFT is arrogating to itself a power no government has, to unilaterally act as judge, jury, and executioner over your behavior. Which, is slurped by bots.

Sounds like a bad movie, huh. GO READ IT.


Re: Appropriate Winston Churchill paraphrase for us hardcore holdouts...

Wow, you took the words right outta my mouth, literally. I was referencing Churchill at the same time, here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/594817/windows-10-updates-policy-change-more-of-the-same/?p=3852039

Just happened to be watching WWII movies and posting them from Youtube, here: http://brainout.net/frankforum/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=365 , so the obvious parallel to this latests hitlerian complement to hitlerian Paragraph 3 of aka.ms/msa couldn't be missed.

And here you were, typing the same thing in your OWN way!

Next year's Windows 10 auto-upgrade is MSFT's worst idea since Vista


Yep, 110 million forced installs, OEM orders but NOT SOLD, 70+ million or so of which are the combo of Insiders, MSFT employees and contract labor testers, and OEM orders (80 million over the same period for Win8, but here I'm assuming 60 million).. can't be wrong about the fact that MSFT has to FORCE YOU in order to claim 110 million.

Honey: if it was so good, we'd be beating down the door to get it, not you beating down each of our computer doors to FORCE YOURSELF IN.

Rapists are not desirable lovers.


Re: The word 'Microsoft'

Yeah, he said it better than I did. I shoulda read the comments first before making any.


Re: 5 words I never want to hear from my computer-illiterate friends:

Six Words I Will Say to anyone who's changed to Windows 10:

"Stay the HELL away from me."


Re: Then why use Windows at all?

So now take your wise rebuttal and carry it a step further, to INTEGRATE with 'Why use Windows at all?':

If you surf with Linux -- that's the only thing you use Linux for -- then you do NOT have to abandon Windows and you do NOT have to put up with MSFT raping your existing Windows and you do NOT have to worry about hackers because they can NOT get at your windows if you are using Linux and they can NOT get at your data because it's NOT using Linux, either.

Problem solved: use Linux online, Windows offline. Firefox and Chrome and Thunderbird all have Windows versions, all sync, so you can just surf using Linux and them also in Linux, and have no learning curve or downtime.

Well, a little downtime, for you need to make the EXTERNAL (never internal) Linux drive/stick, first. Instructions here: http://brainout.net/frankforum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=6

That's how I keep my seven XP machines going. So much so, I even newly installed some unused XP Pro retail OS copies I bought long ago, onto two new i5 laptops (Dell Latitude). Now, I can surf in XP, but just plug in one of the sticks I made using those instructions (that's my forum, no one can track you and I don't know how).

So now, I've turned off Win7 updates (XP has been off for a long time now), and just surf in Linux if feeling paranoid about being hacked.

PS: this is my own solution, it's not known elsewhere, I've been asking about it in Linux forums since 2012 and they were never helpful. I've talked about it for two years now, but only got it to really work in June (MS Office 2003 finally works in Linux, thanks to bleepingcomputer.com Linux folk). So if you've problems, now you know where to reach me to complain.

Microsoft Azure now goes with Google's Go


Devil1 and Devil2?

But I don't want to run anything on Azure. Due to aka.ms/msa I need to boycott EVERYTHING MSFT sells, as it's selling tyranny to anyone using Win10 or the 'services' in that aka. So now boycott Google too? What will it take?


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