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Virgin Media's blighted SuperHub NOW comes with extra squeal (oink)

Elliot Mackenzie


How the heck did SuperFail stick? ShittyHub has so much a better ring to it. Plus it actually makes clear what it is.

US and EU haul China into WTO over news noose

Elliot Mackenzie

you're kidding me...

"The Bush administration has already charged the Chinese government with restricting the flow of American movies, music and software into its borders and then failing to enforce laws against piracy."

You've got to be kidding me. Walk down a street in China and you can pick up all the American movies, music and software you want for £3! Heck, they even deliver to Camden for £5.

VMware prepares Fusion dump for Mac crowd

Elliot Mackenzie

It doesn't run on Linux.

It's a great idea, but it doesn't run on Linux. Let's hope that changes soon.

VMware has been involved in server virtualisation for years, and they are _very_ good at it. Parallels is going to have to move on price rather quickly I suspect, or they are going to be owned.

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