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2019: The year that Microsoft quits Surface hardware


This is news?

None of the commenters in the article have a vested interest in hoping Microsoft will fail in hardware :)

Harrison Ford's leg, in the Star Wars film, with the Millennium Falcon door


Re: Eh? What?

Agreed... Not best known for playing Han Solo?? The real crime is that Ford was bumped off in Episode VII. Gonna miss him!

White House to bung electric car industry $4.5bn in loans


charge off peak at night at home...

and you put zero strain on the grid - in fact you help baseload stay up when demand is low - and with time of use pricing, the price you pay is great too. beats every other routine charging scenario hands down.

French scream sacré bleu! as US govt gives up the internet to ICANN


The internet has been phenomenally successful. Will those who seek more power over it have the intelligence and self restraint to not mess it up? Questionable. Apply the changes that are and will be needed from time-to-time outside the engine room.

Amazon Echo: We put Jeff Bezos' always-on microphone-speaker in a Reg family home


Thanks Kieren

I'm interested in the field so got one of the early units. Found it to be not all that useful. As one example, could not understand 'when is high tide?', no matter how much I tried to train it. You've given me some ideas, so I'll give it another go.

WhatsApp laid bare: Info-sucking app's innards probed


Bottom line: this paper says WhatsApp does what it needs to do. I switched to WhatsApp and Line when a WeChat update (WeChat is used by all my Chinese friends and colleagues) required access to heart data from my wearable. At least it asked permission. I said no.

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