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Google to snatch control of Android updates from mobe makers – analyst


They'll still do something wrong here

Surely they risk pi55ing off a few carriers here; it's not like they're going to make more money doing this. I can see something similar to this happening but not exactly like iOS / windows ... they need their carriers to stay happy.

Rooting your Android phone? Google’s rumbled you again


They let you do what they want, they said...

Yea, but, open source!

Apple’s TV platform just became a little more secure (well, the apps at least)


what we need

This is exactly what the IOT needs to be - secure. It'll bite us in the a** when things are left insecure when CCTV is used around our own properties.

I'd wait setting up my smart home until security is taken seriously. These back-doorsin to IOT is horrible and leaves people wide open with the fake promise of security on a sticky label on the product box.

WhatsApp laid bare: Info-sucking app's innards probed


So this is on Android only???

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