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Intel revolted by its own 'insensitive and insulting' ad

Ed Bonnot


I understand the article. I don't like the ad. I can see how someone got to these views, but I won't have made this leap. I believe sometimes we are just over or hyper-sensitive too often. Should we be sensitive...yes! However, from my experience working with a lot of people - thousands - from all over the world, Americans are much more sensitive to such possible stretches of the intended meaning(s).

I believe those who are hyper-sensitive are insensitive to the same sensitivity they seek. Those at Intel are not racsists. These PR folks are probably some of the best PR folks who were hired from other companies. A lot of the work probably was contracted out. Companies like Intel expect that those they contract with or the few they actually employ to review these ads do so with the same diligence and quality a fab technician would in their area of the line. If there is a quality lapse, there is NOTHING sinister about that and to jump to those conclusions is outrageous. We need to understand that the vast majority of people go to work everyday trying to do the best they can. Respect that simple fact and give it, just like we would want, the respect it rightfully deserves.

Intel pulled the ad. Superb. Like anything, once it is out of the carton getting every little drop cleaned is difficult to do. Give people (corporations are made up of good people ) a break.

Let's make our small planet a better place! Practice civility and respect daily and often. It starts with each of us.



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