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Sorry spooks: Princeton boffins reckon they can hide DNS queries


I'd argue that adding a TLD to the internet is certainly not the "no change" approach to deployed DNS infrastructure. While they've avoided the necessity for software to be deployed, they've added the necessity for a TLD to be added to the root zone. Just ask the homenet people how easy it is to get your own personal tld enshrined in an RFC and added to the root. The other alternative is via ICANN. Good luck.

As many people have pointed out in the IETF DPRIVE group, being observed using a privacy service may in and of itself represent a risk to the user. And the ODNS model will allow any spying entity to easily harvest logs for .odns destinations from compliant recursive operators or from their own network observations.

I applaud their efforts, but would caution against any assumptions that this will be easy or secure enough.

Victorian government teacher-laptop scheme illegal, says judge


Re: Apple tax

Support is provided via the school through its standard IT operations budget. The additional money goes to the lease company, who only provides hardware and an insurance package. This has nothing to do with how easy or hard macs are to use in a windows environment and everything to do with opportunistic money making. The program always smacked of an exploitation scheme.

'Get a VPN to defeat metadata retention' is good advice. Sometimes


why don't you have a vpn on the laptop?

I realise the point being made, that to blindly trust a vpn on your phone is a bad idea. But surely installing a vpn on your laptop is not that difficult. Tunnelblick is easy enough.

And you should always use it, not just when you want to hide your internet usage, otherwise you're still giving away useful information through the omission of observable traffic.

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