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FCC's answer to scandal of AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile US selling people's location data: Burying its head in the ground

Big Al 23

There is zero accountability of the FTC, FCC and SEC

These political government entities do whatever their chairpersons feel like doing contrary to their obligations under law to protect the populace.

Facebooker swatted, Kaspersky snares an NSA thief, NASA server exposed, and more

Big Al 23

Kaspersky hoping for love

I don't think anyone with a security clue will be trusting Kaspersky any time soon. Pretending to be good guys to gain credibility with the NSA is a typical ploy.

No plain sailing for Anon hacktivist picked up by Disney cruise ship: 10 years in the cooler for hospital DDoS caper

Big Al 23

Crazy people harming the innocent

He lives in a world of delusion and it proved harmful to many.

It WASN'T the update, says Microsoft: Windows 7 suffers identity crisis as users hit by activation errors

Big Al 23

How long will government consumer protection agencies allow Windows users to be abused?

It's incomprehensible that government agencies world wide who's responsibility it is to protect the public from defective products and financial scams to allow Microsoft to continue costing Windows users irrefutable harm and financial losses from defective OSs and updates. Microsoft will continue to distribute defective goods until such time that they are fined billions of dollars for each damaging update. There is no reason for consumers to be damaged other than Microsoft's negligence and apathy.

Cyber-insurance shock: Zurich refuses to foot NotPetya ransomware clean-up bill – and claims it's 'an act of war'

Big Al 23

They'll pay

They just want to see what they can get away with.

We're two weeks into 2019, and an email can potentially knacker your Cisco message box – plus other bugs to fix

Big Al 23

Digital crims don't take holidays

They spend all of their time hacking and harming society.

Just updated Windows 7? Can't access network shares? It isn't just you

Big Al 23

It's just criminal...

...that Microsoft is not sued for their malice in issuing defective digital products and updates.

It'll soon be even more illegal to fly drones near UK airports

Big Al 23


...it's impossible to legislate evil out of society. Only law abiding citizens follow law. More appropriate responses are required for crims.

Drone goal! Quadcopter menace alert freezes flights from London Heathrow Airport

Big Al 23

Time to get real

Drones will become a serious security issue to all major airports worldwide if an effective deterrent system is not soon developed. In addition lasers pointed at pilots is also becoming a serious hazard that must be addressed. It will only take one plane crash to emphasize why these significant safety issues need to be resolved now.

Jeep hacking lawsuit shifts into gear for trial after US Supremes refuse to hit the brakes

Big Al 23

Mo brands and models vulnerable

Watch this space for the announcement of Mo compromised vehicles as the hackers continue to break into and steal vehicles.

Senator Wyden goes ballistic after US telcos caught selling people's location data yet again

Big Al 23

FCC and FTC are totally unreliable to regulate industry

Comcast has been using a defective computerized global e-mail blocking system for at least four years that illegally blocks legitimate e-mail sent from Europe, Asia, Australia and elsewhere to U.S. Comcast customers. The FCC has been provided proof of the illegal blockage. Major Euro ISPs have provided proof that their networks are not sending massive SPAM to Comcast customers yet Comcast continues to block these same major ISPs. When Comcast blatantly lies to the FCC is writing claiming they do not have a computerized global blocking system, the FCC looks the other way instead of fining Comcast billions for lying to them and defrauding customers paying for all legitimate e-mail to be delivered.

Huawei's 7nm 64-core Arm server brain, fresh Intel desktop Core chips, IBM tapping Samsung for Power10, and more

Big Al 23

Re: autonomous cars

AVs will be practical in ~15-20 years. Right now it's like the Wild West where anything goes resulting in deaths already. Governments worldwide have abdicated their responsibility to mandate minimum safety, security, design, maintenance and operational standards for AVs. The legal community has not determined who will die and who will pay for the unavoidable accidents. It's a real nightmare at the moment with no comprehensive oversight on an industry hell-bent on reaping financial fortunes at the expense of those naïve enough to become "test dummies" for irresponsible and unsafe prototype vehicles being passed off as viable commercial products.

Big Al 23

Virtually nothing to offer

Intel clearly is in trouble with no viable 10nm process and outdated 14nm node.

Uncle Sam fingers two Chinese men for hacking tech, aerospace, defense biz on behalf of Beijing

Big Al 23

Eliminate Chinese imports

You can bet if countries around the globe stopped all Chinese imports that the state sponsored Chinese hacking would stop in a hurry.

EU politely asks if China could stop snaffling IP as precondition for doing business

Big Al 23

Don't cave to the pressure

Companies should not cave to Chinese pressure to disclose IP. Eventually China will be forced to conduct business properly or lose out.

Your two-minute infosec roundup: Drone arrests, Alexa bot hack, Windows zero-day, and more

Big Al 23

No one is holding Assange hostage

Assange is free to leave the embassy any time he desires. Exiting the UK may be a little problematic since he is a UK fugitive waiting prosecution.

A year after Logitech screwed over Harmony users, it, um, screws over Harmony users: Device API killed off

Big Al 23

I stopped buying Logitech a few years ago

Zero customer support IME and products of such poor quality as to be defective out of the box. Returned new product to customer service with detailed letter and they didn't even respond. They clearly don't know the lifetime value of a customer.

Having swallowed its pride and started again with 10nm chips, Intel teases features in these 2019-ish processors

Big Al 23

Not what Intel has been saying for the past several years

Intel has crippled their 10nm process to ship a few chips to keep Wall Street from pulling the plug on them for being years late on their prized 10nm CPUs. When it was reported that Intel had stopped work on their defective and unsalvageable 10nm process Intel resorted to social media to claim that "yields were improving and all was well" which according to this story is complete poppycock. Intel is trying to buy time but it's too little too late and they are not going to be able to deceive investors forever. The other shoe is about to drop as AMD continues to steal Intel's lunch.

Super Micro says audit found no trace of Chinese spy chips on its boards

Big Al 23

Bloomberg has provided zero proof of their claims

It must be about time for the lawsuits to begin as Bloomberg has provided zero evidence to support their claims which have been denied by virtually all parties involved not just Super Micro. It's time to put up or pay dearly for unsubstantiated rumors and beliefs. You know this has cost Super Micro major revenue and will continue to do so until Bloomberg admits they have no evidence to support their allegations.

Brit bomb hoax teen who fantasised about being a notorious hacker cops 3 years in jail

Big Al 23

It's a start

He may need psycho therapy to get him in touch with reality. A lot of people suffered from his actions and a lot of expense was incurred. If he had to pay treble damages over the next 20 years it may be a reminder of why it's not cool to do the things he did.

Ecuador says 'yes' to Assange 'freedom' deal, but Julian says 'nyet'

Big Al 23

The clock is running out

Assange is going to get the boot so he had better take the best deal he can get.

I was once one of you, F1 star Lewis Hamilton tells delighted IT bods

Big Al 23

Some confusion perhaps?

Quote from story:

"...female models who stand around the teams, drivers and cars in a decorative – and what some feel is a sexist and objectifying – way." End quote

I'm pretty sure that professional models are not considered by most of society as "decorative" nor their presence to be "sexist and objectifying... of woman". In fact fans and F1 teams have overwhelmingly requested that the Grid Girls be reinstated as part of the sport. One Grid Girl posted a picture of a stripper and a pic of a Grid Girl and asked which pic the public viewed as objectifying woman. The point was obvious to all.

Microsoft menaced with GDPR mega-fines in Europe for 'large scale and covert' gathering of people's info via Office

Big Al 23

Multi-million fine not likely to undo damage

I have yet to see a multi-million Euro fine undo the privacy violations that have resulted from knowingly violating privacy law and decency. As history has shown when Microsoft or other companies reap billions in revenue annually from violating law a few million in fines is just the cost of doing business. It does not change the corporate mentality or suddenly make them ethical and law abiding. It appears that anything short of a triple annual revenue fine results in a change in business practices. That triple annual revenue should be sent to all of the people violated by Microsoft.

Super Micro chief bean counter: Bloomberg's 'unwarranted hardware hacking article' has slowed our server sales

Big Al 23

I'm sure there will be litigation over the Bloomberg story

To make such damming claims without a shred of physical evidence leaves Bloomberg in a very bad light as well as legal position. If there multiple sources were accurate you'd expect them to be able to at least produce one compromised mobo, pictures of the compromised mobo, data logs of the mobo transmitting improper data or some reasonable irrefutable evidence to support their claims. Absolutely no one involved be it the companies or the authorities are supporting the Bloomberg story and in fact it has been denied by all parties. I'd expect Bloomberg to be served before the end of the year for damages and possibly malicious criminal fraud.

Florida man won't be compelled to reveal iPhone passcode, yet

Big Al 23

Files are not testimony

Providing the password to an electronic device is not the same as providing testimony in a court of law. Proving a password to view the contents of an electronic device is no different than authorities searching a residence and finding documents. The info. contained on an electronic device is in essence just data files and in no way do they constitute sworn testimony. Those folks trying to escape scrutiny are trying to manipulate the fifth amendment protection to cover data which it clearly does not do. Authorities have every right to access the files of suspected criminals be they on person, on an electronic device or at a residence or work location just as with any normal investigation. The perps don't want to be convicted so they do all that they can to circumvent prosecution.

AMD's shares get in a plane, take off and soar to 12,000 ft – then throw open the door, and fall into the cool rushing air

Big Al 23

The knee-jerk reaction

Thankfully AMD is on solid footing and hitting on all cylinders. Many folks have taken profits as the U.S. and Euro stock markets are struggling with the China tariff challenges. Eventually things will get back to the norm and AMD's stock price will recover like all the other companies who are generating consistent sales, profits and product growth.

Grumbling about wobbly Windows 10? Microsoft can't hear you over the clanging cash register

Big Al 23

Caughing up a hundred Billion dollars

...for damages causes by defective Win 10 updates should be a no-brainer. Where are the consumer protection lawyers? Is there any more legitimate reason to charge Microsoft for their negligence?

Memo to Microsoft: Windows 10 is broken, and the fixes can't wait

Big Al 23

I hope the lawyers hold Microsoft accountable for the damages

As if to prove that the lights are on but no one is home at Microsoft... Win 10 updates have turned millions of computers into rubbish with nothing but heartache and Hell for Win 10 users to deal with. This is completely unacceptable and the result of gross negligence IMNHO. I believe consumer protection agencies world wide should sue Microsoft for billions to hold them accountable for their gross incompetence and willful negligence. Otherwise Microsoft will continue to distribute defective updates and software for huge financial profit.

Forgotten that Chinese spy chip story? We haven't – it's still wrong, Super Micro tells SEC

Big Al 23

A retraction is unlikely

Bloomberg knows it will get sued for tens of millions in damages by Super Micro and possibly others if it prints a retraction. Instead Bloomberg will force Super Micro to sue them and prove in court that the story is false before Bloomberg is forced to pay proper damages in the tens of millions. A quiet out of court settlement is likely with Bloomberg not admitting the story was untrue but paying damages because they fear a court verdict for even greater damages. The very unfortunate part is few people will ever read that the Bloomberg story was in fact false. Super Micro will suffer damages for decades as a result.

London flatmate (Julian Assange) sues landlord (government of Ecuador) in human rights spat

Big Al 23

Time to wake up and smell the koffee

Assange doesn't seem to understand that the embassy has protected him from prosecution for his crimes and that he's been a very unsavory "guest". Hopefully Assange a fugitive from justice will soon have a lot more to complain about when he is evicted.

Spotted: Miscreants use pilfered NSA hacking tools to pwn boxes in nuke, aerospace worlds

Big Al 23

Remember Kasperski Labs...

...has a direct connection to the Russian government who they have worked for. It's interesting that Kaspersky seems to find security issues that no other security researchers find or report.

Microsoft Windows 10 October update giving HP users BSOD

Big Al 23

Re: Barton Gellman defended auto-updates, arguing they do more good than harm

It's outrageous IMNHO that Microsoft can cause untold damage to millions of people and businesses worldwide and escape all accountability for their negligence in not properly validating OS and software updates. These preventable losses in the many millions are a result of pure negligence by Microsoft. Why is it that consumer protection agencies have allowed Microsoft and other companies to wreck havoc on PCs via blatant neglect when these updates can be validated prior to distribution? If there is no accountability for damages then there is little incentive to deliver proper updates.

Oh no, Xi didn't! Chinese spymaster cuffed in Belgium, yoinked to US on aerospace snoop rap

Big Al 23

Expect more

The theft of intellectual property by foreign governments is nothing new but with the internet it is becoming easier and more difficult to prevent. It's no surprise that much of the theft is by rogue nations and or supported hackers. This is reason for serious security concerns for the world.

Microsoft deletes deleterious file deletion bug from Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Big Al 23

And why is Microsoft not accountable for damages?

Why is it that Microsoft can cause untold damage to Windows users yet they are unaccountable for their coding neglegence and damages?

PC makers: Intel CPU shortages are here to stay ... for six months

Big Al 23

Intel in trouble

As has been stated publicly by numerous sources over the past year, Intel is in trouble primarily because they can't deliver fully working 10Nm node. Add this to their full line of security compromised CPUs delivered over the past three decades and it's obvious why Intel is in trouble. Intel's intent is to leave the chip market and move to a service based Biz model but their transition is not going well.

Chinese Super Micro 'spy chip' story gets even more strange as everyone doubles down

Big Al 23

It seems to me that...

...if these compromised machines are so prevalent then Bloomberg's sources should be able to at least display one of them or show a photo taken at the time of discovery to substantiate the claims of added chips. There should also be some data logs to show unauthorized outbound data traffic.

Intel's commitment to making its stuff secure is called into question

Big Al 23

Isn't the reason why Intel currently has unending security issues...

...due to their lack of concern with security when they intentionally bypassed industry standard CPU execution protocol in all of the CPU designs over the past several decades? When did customer security become paramount at Intel?

Uncle Sam gives itself the right to shoot down any drone, anywhere, any time, any how

Big Al 23

What regulation is there of drones?

How could anyone protect themselves from drones flown by rogue players? There is no means other than taking them out of flight. How many people have the ability to do so? We have already had numerous incidents of drones interfering with commercial aircraft. How many travelers would be OK with a drone getting sucked into a jet airliner's engine while landing or on take off? The headaches with drones has just begun and the populace is defenseless against them. All countries will be forced to address this menace.

Dutch cheesed off with Russians, expel four suspects over chemical weapons Wi-Fi spying

Big Al 23

Does Russia think anyone believes them?

I wonder if the Russian government actually thinks anyone believes their denials on poisoning former spies or hacking? It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall.

100,000 home routers recruited to spread Brazilian hacking scam

Big Al 23

Re: Kill remote admin?

There is a list of good test links at router security dot com. that have proven helpful to many.

US and UK Amazon workers get a wage hike – maybe they'll go to the movies, by themselves

Big Al 23

I still find it odd...

...that in Amazon order processing centers in the U.S. that they fail to have or use air conditioning when the temps are very hot. Heat exhaustion is dangerous and it lowers productivity dramatically.

Volkswagen links arms with Microsoft for data-slurping cloud on Azure

Big Al 23

Another Facebook hack in the making

Based on Microsoft's inability to deliver secure OSs or software of any kind, it's safe to expect a monumental security intrusion in Microsoft's cloud if it has not already been compromised by many.

Holy smokes! US watchdog sues Elon Musk after he makes hash of $420 Tesla tweet

Big Al 23

Re: Who was continually shorting Tesla stock?

In case you don't understand... there is nothing illegal or improper in shorting stock. Short sellers actually purchase stock which benefits the company. The stockholders who short sell believe that the stock price is likely to drop and if it does then they financially benefit. Retaliation by Musk is precisely why the SEC is fining Musk and Tesla because retaliations IS illegal when the company CEO makes false public statements specifically to burn short sellers.

As such Tesla stock is down 14% and falling like a rock with Musk likely to be removed as CEO of Tesla and possibly SpaceX along with major fines.

'This is insane!' FCC commissioner tears into colleagues over failure to stop robocalls

Big Al 23

The FCC won't act until forced to

IME the FCC will do nothing until there is so much public outrage that they are forced to act appropriately - which may never happen.

Virtually every single week for the past 4 years our company receives robocalls from Google telling us we must update our business listing. (We don't actually have one with Google). After you listen to the long abusive dribble the robocalls advises to select "1" to update or "2" to be removed from the robocall SPAM. No matter how many times we select "2" Google proceeds to call back again a day or two later, week after week, year after year and we have the incoming phone records to prove it. The robocalls have been reported to the FCC numerous times yet nothing is done to stop this abuse. Google has even resorted to using both local and international phone numbers to get businesses to falsely believe a local caller or international person is calling. The FCC is failing the populace.

Developer goes rogue, shoots four colleagues at ERP code maker

Big Al 23

The bottom line

The bottom line is that banning guns would not do anything to eliminate the injury or killing of innocent people because guns are readily available via illicit means. Criminals, gang members and devious people don't care what the laws are, they do as they please. For those who believe other wise, please explain what law is going to stop anyone from killing innocent people enmass?

This mornings news reports a worker stabbing three newborns and several adults. What law would prevent this? There are routine reports of people driving their car into crowds and killing and injuring many. What law would prevent this? It's extremely naïve to believe that you can outlaw evil. The reality is that you can't legislate evil out of society because only law abiding citizens follow laws. Until people deal with the root cause which is bad people nothing positive will happen. More unenforceable laws are ineffective feel good actions that do not serve the populace.

Big Al 23

Re: A gun is involved in every single mass shooting.

Actually a gun is NOT involved in every mass murder. IED's, poison, cars, plains, etc. are often used in mass murders.

In addition there is no law that will prevent an evil or deranged person from killing innocent bystanders. Even if you could eliminate legal sales or possession of guns, there is a huge black market for guns that are imported from Russia, the Ukraine and many other countries to the U.S. As the news has shown mass murders via guns or other methods is not unique to the U.S. unfortunately. Europe has seen it's fair share along with Asia and Australia to name a few.

Until people address the real issue which is not guns but evil, sick depraved people nothing positive will be done to lower the incident of mass murder be it at a rock concert, night club or an office environment.

Trump shouldn't criticise the news media, says Amazon's Jeff Bezos

Big Al 23

Bezo is wrong

The false news and daily attacks on Trump are outrageous and never seen before in history. With Trump not being a DC career politician and the media unable to elect Clinton, it's no surprise that those who lost would oppose the will of the people who elected Trump. Time after time the fake news is exposed for it's lies and bias but history has shown that you can fool some of the people some of the time. Despite the FUD independent polls show Trump is supported by the majority of the populace. This is a real problem for the DC career politicians.

'Men only' job ad posts land Facebook in boiling hot water with ACLU

Big Al 23

The ALCU might be confused

According to published reports, a small U.S. town has voted to boycott the purchase of any Nike products based on the disrespectful actions of Colin Kaepernick and those "taking a knee" when the national anthem is played at professional sporting events. According to the ACLU they feel boycotting Nike is some violation of law because Kaepernick is a paid pitchman for Nike. Lawyers everywhere disagree with the ACLU who has been wrong on many occasions.

Just as Kaepernick has the "right" to take a knee, so do consumers including townships have the right to decide what product brands they chose to purchase with personal or tax payer money.

Former Detroit IT boss sent down 20 months for bathroom bung bonanza

Big Al 23

The IRS will be calling soon

More than likely the IRS will want to speak to him about tax fraud as he was unlikely to have declared the extra income...

Bug bounty alert: Musk lets pro hackers torpedo Tesla firmware risk free

Big Al 23

Another lawsuit filed against Tesla for autopilot crash

According to Reuters another Tesla model S customer has filed suit against Tesla for a crash caused by autopilot. It seems according to NHTSA who is investigating multiple Tesla autopilot deaths that the vehicles actually speed up just prior to crashing in several instances. In the latest suit the woman was seriously injured but not killed.


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