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Just a little FYI: Filtering doodad in Adblock Plus opens door to third-party malware injection



...never saw that coming. ffs

And here's Intel's Epyc response: Up-to 56-core, 4GHz 14nm second-gen Xeon SP chips, Agilex FPGAs, persistent mem

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Buying Intel?

Nope, still not buying.

If it were not for the likes of AMD, ARM, and others, providing some competition, Intel would not be even selling processors at this level. They would be still be strangling the end-users for every damn dollar they can using lesser silicon.

I’m not saying other firms are any better, but competition obviously works. I will continue supporting the ‘underdogs’ as my long-term future in computing depends on it.

If Intel had got their way, I truly believe that we would not be above 2GHz dual-cores on the desktop, let alone the 3GHz+ Ryzen monster I am running today.

I’m all for making a profit, but stifling innovation (and milking the dumb users) to do it - that really sucks.

Ah, this military GPS system looks shoddy but expensive. Shall we try to break it?


Re: Sorry, but...


Holy Crap!! Like you say - “a blast from the past!” :D

I remember seeing my gunner and commander using the buttons on the front of the radio pack sometimes when climbing in and out of my Fox turret.

Mind you, that’s often all they were fit for - footholds!!

Bad news for WannaCry slayer Marcus Hutchins: Judge rules being young, hungover, and in a strange land doesn't obviate evidence


Welcome to The Circus

The USA Law system is truly nuts now - I will never visit there again.

The trouble is that here in the UK, our Law system is also truly nuts now too.

Both of them have always been nuts, but the last few years have seen a whole new level of batshit-crazy being introduced.

I am glad I am getting old. I won't have to put up with this shit-show for much longer.

I've never felt so threatened by the people who are supposed to have our best interests at heart. The sheer incompetence, corruption, and judicial overreach is almost too much to bare.

True, the guy was dumb in the things he said and did, but these days - "Everyone needs to be made an example of!" And there lies the issue. "Justice" these days is a dirty word. It's all about the Public Spectacle and scoring points in the eyes of the gutter press.

Granddaddy of the DIY repair generation John Haynes has loosened his last nut


With the occasion bit copied from the Factory Manuals

I still find it funny that in the official workshop manual for the Triumph Bonneville T140V/TR7V, it had a diagram of how to adjust the primary chain printed upside down.

The Haynes manuals said that they were “Not just a rewrite of the official manuals”, and there was the exact same diagram - upside down!! :D

Why so funny, to do it the way the diagram showed - you would have to invert the ~400lb (dry weight) ‘Bonnie’ and stand it on its handlebars and seat - just like you would if you wanted to change the tyre on a bicycle...

To John and his family, thank you for all the help over the years.

My condolences. Another Great Man has passed.

Best Wishes, Susi.

Huawei and Intel hype up AI hardware, TensorFlow tidbits, and more


Which is the fake one?

So, the fake was on the left? Yes?

Apple yanks iPhones from sale in Germany – and maybe China, too – amid Qualcomm spat


As the “cholera meet plague” comment above points out - both of these companies are scummy fuckers.

I like iOS. The Apps I use on it are not available elsewhere. Replacing their functionality will be hard, but it will be a dark day in hell if I ever buy anything Apple again!

I’ve cancelled my Apple Dev licence and sold off all my Apple gear apart from this 6S+. Once this dies, I’m off to anything else. Now, if I can avoid Qualcomm as well, I’d be super-happy!

A pox on their houses indeed!!

Corel – yeah, as in CorelDraw – looks in its Xmas stocking and discovers... Parallels


Re: Oh no!

Yup. Used to love CorelDraw and that got messed-up. Then PaintShop Pro became a turd too.

I feel sorry for anyone who has relied on Parallels up until now.

How many other useful programs is this outfit going to shaft? :(

Another 3D printer? Oh, stop it, you're killing us. Perhaps literally: Fears over ultrafine dust


Re: no mention of the different types of filaments that can be used

PLA is biodegradable- if you have an Industrial Composter to hand - that garden type isn’t going to cut it.

PLA does smell - usually a bit sweet with a slight curry undertone. PLA, if overheated is not all that nice - gives off carcinogens. It also has a habit of bursting into flames if overheated as it hydrolyses around the hotend and nozzle so won’t flow away like most petrochemical-based filaments.

I write the safety MSDS for our filaments. These are based on the raw plastic stock that we extrude from. ALL plastics suck in one area or another. If you think otherwise, you are deluded.

The trick is to be smart when using this stuff - reduce the risks from the unknown. People thought asbestos was safe when they first starting using it - they even sprayed it out of huge firehose-like nozzles to coat enginerooms of warships and metal girders of large buildings...

I’m not suggesting that the sky will fall in by using a 3D printer, just don’t be an idiot.

Unless you are using an SLA resin 3D printer - uncured resin and fumes from that shit is NASTY!!

Not only can it cause all sorts of illnesses, the effect of exposure is cumulative. I won’t have that crap anywhere around other people. I think they are awesome, just be aware of the risks.


3D printing

I work pretty much 7 days a week with 3D printers at my place of work. Every printer enclosure has an extraction system linked to it and there are two two-stage cyclonic separators, nano-filters and regularly changed carbon scrubbers. The whole thing is vented externally.

I see YouTube “Stars” with rooms full of printers with no ventilation. I see printer manufacturers Josef Prusa and others, having print farms (rooms full of printers) with little or no ventilation. I see school classrooms full of printers with sod-all ventilation.

This is just dumb.

I see the dust and particulates that build up in our printers over the space of a week - no way do I want to breathe any of that in!

It might turn out not to be a hazard, but if you can avoid breathing in plastic crap by fitting a little ventilation system, why wouldn’t you?

(It won’t be safe. Nothing ever truly is)

I was a COSHH office in the MOD back in the late ‘80s. It was then I discovered just how bad some of this stuff can be.

A tiny bit of common-sense can go a long way. 3D printers are cool, but don’t breathe the fumes...

Susi xx

Apple might be 'collateral damage' in US and China trade dust-up

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3D Printing reply

@James 51

Sadly, quite a few years yet. BUT, it is coming...

I have been involved in 3D-printing since 2012 (hobby), and now professionally for over two years.

Despite the continual hype and nay-saying, in the past couple of years I have watched the price of low-end printers tumble, while all the time the capabilities are creeping up and up.

3D printing is not yet truly at the print-and-go for anything other than PLA plastic, but I have seen SLA printers start to become cheap enough for consumers to own (despite the high cumulative toxicity of the resin) and print incredibly detailed objects, and now the prices of laser sintering printers are coming down too.

There's always the "in five years" quote being bandied about, but I think in this case, it is correct.

There are no cheap printers available for the general public at the moment that are capable of making functioning engineering parts out of more durable plastics (nylon, polycarbonate, PMMA, ABS, PEEK, etc) *without* some tweaking and messing about with the print settings, but it is coming my friends, I swear, it is coming - within the next 5 years.. :)

Susi xx

Fortnite 'fesses up: New female character's jiggly bits 'unintended' and 'embarrassing'



I just don’t get understand all this wringing of hands -

I am a woman. I have tits. They jiggle when I move.

It’s nature - depending on what I am doing at the time, they may move. A lot.

Get over it, ffs.

If people are that offended by jiggling boobies, don’t fucking look.

Stop this over-the-top PC shit, now!

Intel rips up microcode security fix license that banned benchmarking


Re: Unfair contract terms

I so wish I could upvote this more!

Just like the annoying ‘Anti-Piracy’ FBI warnings you still see on some videos (like on Netflix). Makes me smile wryly at the total overreach of it all.

Even in the heavily-surveilled UK we have more “Freedom” than the Trumpian Distopia.


Everything's great at Supermicro, just small matter of impending NASDAQ delisting


Some good hardware...

Agreed. Some of their server cases were epic. I still use a dozen or so of their SATA 5-way removable drive bays on our video suite machines (makes it easier to lock the drives in a safe at night).

It’s a shame.

Gartner's Great Vanishing: Some of 2017's emerging techs just disappeared


I wish Gartner would Vanish!

Even if they do provide me with much humour at just how many times they get their predictions wrong.

Talking about historical events should be OK. Right?

UK government's cloud spending hits saturation: Love of Microsoft endures


Re: Cloud themselves

Ahh, I agree that idea would be “common sense”’ but I think you are missing a major point here -

*if* they were to set up their own cloud services, who would they blame when it all goes TITSUP?


Chemical burns, explosive fires, they all come free with Amazon power packs



You know lithium is an alkali, right?

Not an acid...

Man who gave interviews about his crimes asks court to delete Google results


What this did

Was Make me go straight out and google who the fudger was - way to go Mr Streisand.

I get that this is not what the petitioner may be concerned about as being still somewhat flush for cash, he is worrying about future business marks partners’ impressions of him.

In any case, thanks for the reminder who you are.

Doctor finds physical changes to astronaut's eyes after ISS stint


Re: Some can, most can't

I’d still go, because I am old and it’s super-cool!

Upvote for Niven! He was the author who got me into SciFi and effectively started a lifelong love of science and a career based on that!!

Thanks Larry. :)

Basket case lawsuit: Fancy fruit florists flail Google over rotten ads, demand $200m damages


Re: Google AdWords...

@Aitor 1

Thanks for bringing this to our notice. I am seriously impressed at this attitude.

Well done Backblaze. Well done Gleb.

We are going to try the same thing. Hey it probably won’t work, but until we try, we won’t know.

Epic spacewalk, epic FAIL: Cosmonauts point new antenna in the wrong direction


Re: Hmm ...


Beat me to it!! :)

Scammers become the scammed: Ransomware payments diverted with Tor proxy trickery


Beware Management Privilege...

We have a local offline (not connected to the Internet) network backup system, multiple write-once protected physical backup hardrives (in a father, grandfather, great... all the way back to the dinosaurs), and I guarantee that at some point, some idiot will screw the whole lot into Data Hell.

Our backups have (frequently tested) backups. Our servers are fully-patched, mirrored and protected physically by sharks with lasers. The servers spend more processor time searching for Nasties than they do serving, but it will inevitably happen that some Twot (last April it was the tight-fisted Financial Director in charge of IT spend - the delicious irony!) who brought the lot to a grinding halt by using his personal laptop on the local ISOLATED storage intranet.

This was after his “son” (yeah, right!) had been caught using it at home to surf every grubby porn linknknown to man or beast - literally. I saw the search history and browser caches!!

Not saying what he did to the system, but the damage went back through nearly 3 months of business data before we found the root cause.

That vulnerability attacked was completely outside what any of us had envisaged (he was using the servers to save his, er, “Son’s” porn collection).

We now have a new Finance Director. SHE doesn’t stand for any shit - from us, or anyone else. We get the money and resources we need, and hopefully the company doesn’t have to suffer this again.

It will happen again. To say it won’t is idiotic, but at least we know that the backup system works - The network was purged and refreshed overnight and we lost nothing of importance.

I love the Easy Life. :)

Can't login to Skype? You're not alone. Chat app's been a bit crap for five days now


iOS 11.3 beta preview version busted too

At the risk of attracting the Apple haters here, but since the release of iOS 11.3 to us developer types, the Skype app has been busted for about the same amount of time.

It’s running in the background, and you can kill it and restart it, but as soon as you try to access the user interface, that part does a little animation, and bugs out leaving only the background processes.

Skype message summaries to my Garmin watch, but that’s the lot. No user access to the interface.

It might not be M$’s fault as this a preview/beta version of iOS, but it is a bloody PITA for work.

F-35 flight tests are being delayed by onboard software snafus


Moving Goalposts

A lot of folks who have not worked in the Defence Industry do not get just how fast military technology and specifications evolve.

In my 22 years in this field, almost every project that was delivered was so much more complex and (usually) more capable than the original spec called for.

This usually meant that budgets were exceeded and deadlines broken, sometimes on multiple occasions.

As usual, us poor sods at the ‘coalface’ working our arses off were blamed - often there is bugger-all mention of the hundreds of “tweaks” and changes that out lords and masters decided to implement the instant the project was green-lit.

Whenever we’d get close to completing a particular goal, some bright spark would say, “It would be great if we could interface Widget A (designed in the 1960’s out of the equivalent of electronic granite) as well as that new-fangled kit that uses SQUIDs (Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices)” or some other such bollocks!

The goalposts are ALWAYS being moved!! “Can you just add this bit..?”

While I still think that the F35 contract management and system integration are total clusterfucks, this is Military R&D 101. Add to this *some* contractors “Riding the Gravy Train” and the waste of time and money multiply almost exponentially.

Hopefully, at some point the specs will get set in stone and the dead bits will get cut away. If/when someone finally has the balls to do this, the F35 might actually turn out not to be the bad joke it currently is.



*YOU* “are the Light!”

Thank you for the trip down Memory Lane - you really cheered me up with that reference from my distant youth!

Thank you. Xx

Borked bog forces flight carrying 83 plumbers to bug out back to base


Mario would have worked on the outside of the plane...

...Oh, wait.., what..?!!

He’s no longer a plumber?!!!

User had no webcam or mic, complained vid conference didn’t work


@ ChrisCabbage

Saw that done years ago by a REME Corporal to a Clansman Vehicle Radio upgrade - because he didn't want to "fiddle about" undoing the few bolts so he could take the unit out of the vehicle where he could work on it REALLY EASILY!

Ah. Us grunts enjoyed two weeks of free beer in the mess, and that muppet cleaned and oiled (under strict supervision!) every gun in the armoury. Took him over a month of his down time - we are talking well over a thousand guns. :)

Happier Days... <wistful sigh>

First iPhone X fondlers struggle to admit that Face ID sort of sucks


I’m done.

As a confirmed lover of shiny gadgets, I have got to add my 2c worth (sorry)

I have a 6S+ that I use as a portable computer and entertainment system (that occasionally makes phone calls).

I use a headphone socket daily - I find it convenient as it makes it easy to connect to older audio equipment without the need for a powered Bluetooth receiver.

I use the fingerprint scanner daily - I find it convenient as I can unlock my phone without looking at it, such as for using ApplePay.

What I don’t need is an overpriced trinket that requires me to gurn at it each time I need to unlock it.

I skipped the 7 series because there was nothing really new.

The eight is the same.

The “X” is a fucking bad joke.

I moved to iOS because of the hazpazard way Android phones have their security updates released - or not.

Now that the Pixel range has also turned into an overpriced gold-plated turd-fest, I think it’s time I went back to a cassette tape player, and my old Nokia.

How hard is it to listen to customers?

Oh and why we are at it - fuck Windows 10 too!

Uber's revolting sexism, the movie


Re: Who would pay money to see it?


"I present as an example: Saving Private Ryan...."

I totally get your point. Even after serving in the UK Army for three years (13 years before that SPR came out), that knife-fight to the death still messes me up. I was *almost* in that exact situation on one occasion (someone else stepped in mid-fight).

I still get nightmares from SPR once or twice a year to this day...

I never dream about my real fight!

Oh, and in the dream, just to be really messed-up - I am am both combatants - I win and I lose. I see the horror from both sides.

Bloody good (and horrible!) film Mr. Spielberg. I salute you.

Having been on the receiving end of decades of institutionalised sexism in civilian life, I'm not sure I'm going to watch it.

The funny thing is, as a woman in the Army I took a lot of shit just for being female, but you got to deal it back out again. Funny how an 'accidental' smack in the danglers levels the playing field. :)

Aw, screw it! What's the worst that could happen - it's not like I'm going to get PTSD from this film, right?



(PS - sexism, racism, all of that stuff sucks totally and needs to stop. I am not an SJW by any means and give as good as I get, but this shit is still way to prevalent in 2017!

People: whatever sex/gender/class, etc., you are - have fun by all means, just stop being dicks!!!)

"Be excellent to each other!"

Jeff Bezos fires off a blue dart, singes Elon Musk and SpaceX

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Totally Awsome!!

Congratulations to all involved!!

Hurricane Maria leaves Arecibo radio telescope damaged and dark


The Aliens reply...

...to the messages of greetings sent from Arecibo, but the phone was off the hook...

I am glad that everyone at the telescope is safe, and wish the whole country a speedy recovery from this awful situation.

My firefighter cousin and some of his specialist rescue team are over there helping to recover the infrastructure. (Good luck Steve and pals!)

Apple: Our stores are your 'town square' and a $1,000 iPhone is your 'future'


One more thing -

For a phone - that is bloody stupid money!

For a top-of-the-range miniaturised portable computer/entertainment device that can also make phone calls, I don’t think it is a totally unreasonable price.

If you don’t use it as such, dont get upset, just don’t buy one.

However, I use my 6S+ 128GB to carry endless ‘stacks’ of PDF’s and tech manuals that I need for my job (better than lugging around a 1kg laptop!), but sadly that is way too rich for me.

The way things are going, job-wise, I’d need the 256GB to carry everything - I’m not made of money. I’ll have to keep using my trusty 500GB Satellite drive as auxiliary storage then.

Fanboi or not, it’s a nice COMPUTER: if you can afford it.

Remember when Lenovo sold PCs with Superfish adware? It just got a mild scolding from FTC


re: “What does this mean?”

I realise that your “What does this mean?” Win-10-nic comment was probably a rhetorical dig at certain posters here, but just in case - I think it is a reference to Win10 sinking possibly like the Titanic... :)

I just wish Win10 would truly sink without trace!

How would you pronounce 'Cyxtera'?


Just Fuck Off!!

Holy Crap!

Another pointless 'trendy' (dumbarse!) name/rebrand/puke-inducing that tells you fuck-all about the company other than they sniffed the "Pretentious Wank" Cool-Aid.

Just Fuck Off!!

(Having a bad day dealing with "Centrica" - you're a jumped-up fucking gas delivery company for fuck's sake!!) [And yes, I know they are a multi-utility energy company, but I don't feel like letting the facts get in the way of a good rant!]

Susi xx

Parcel bods Hermes become latest London drone delivery droogs

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Re: DPD are my go to delivery people.

So true!

I rue the day when Amazon stopped using them.

Funny thing, I buy a lot of stuff now from other companies who still use DPD ;)

How's that for a remote login? NASA puts New Horizons probe to sleep 3.5 billion miles away


So Proud!! ...yet so sad.

It's at times like this when my heart swells with pride at what the human race can active when we try.

Then in the same moment I feel shame at the general lack of foresight amongst a vast swathe of us. The constant interference from politicians, bean-counters, flat-earthers, climate-change-deniers, the "Trumps," religious nuts, etc, makes me concerned for our future survival as a species.

I am old enough to have watched the Apollo moon landings televised live. I remember that despite the horror of the times, there was great hope for a bright future, if not amongst the stars, at least the planets.

New Horizons (and others) missions help keep my hope alive. I just hope I live long enough to see a human put a footprint on Mars.

Well done the New Horizons Team!! Have lots of beers on me!!

I am forever grateful to you.

Susi xx

Bloke launches twinkly range of BBC Micro:bit accessory boards




Now there's something from my past - BILOfix! (1964-ish, for me)

The mounting frame is made from BILOfix - www.codex99.com/design/bilofix.html

Superb stuff. Built some massive cranes out of it too.

Happy days... <sigh>

Wine 2.0 lands: It's not Soylent for booze but more Windows apps on Linux and Mac OS


Re: "get a guernsey"?

@David Thorn

"Sorry - that will come across a bit Sarky, I will look for an Aldernytive way to put it."

Nice. Really nice! :)

Operator of DDoS protection service named as Mirai author


If this turns out to be independently verified, Jha is going to have a Really Bad Day.

I hope!

Stop us if you've heard this one before: Seamen spread over California



That was like some freaky future version of "The Birds!" The noise was unnerving. Creepy even.

Asteroid nearly gave Earth a new feature, two days after its discovery


"2017 AG13 is fairly dim, which made it hard to spot until it was quite close"

Makes you wonder just how many we miss seeing altogether...?

Barcodes stamped on breast implants and medical equipment


Re: But how to know if someone has an implant?


Yup. I understand that is a normal response - as long as it is all one solid lump, and not directly in the highest concentration of the field, all is usually OK.

Mine however is a wire loop of about 1cm diameter that was used to keep a couple of fractured parts of my skull together. The ends are twisted together - so it's effectively a 'shorted-turn'. This was also a head MRI in the area of the wire.

Was told it would by the machine technician that it would have been, "Quite an interesting experience for me..." if the MRI had gone ahead.

(A'head'? Geddit? <sheesh> Tough crowd) ;)


Re: But how to know if someone has an implant?

@Strahd Ivarius

A good idea, until you need an MRI and the chip melts into an incandescent blob, and/or tries to leave the body in a great hurry!

Also - privacy implications...

(Icon - I nearly was nearly a victim of an internal short-circuit last year when an X-ray scan found an *undocumented* titanium wire 'implant' from emergency surgery following a near-fatal RTA twenty years ago! The MRI was cancelled to stop this from happening)

Susi xx

Netgear: Nothing to see here, please disperse. Just another really bad router security hole


Re: Since we're kicking Netgear

@The Blacksmith

I just posted about the WNR2000 being a "Stinker". Seems I was not the only one to get saddled with one of these POS routers. Sadly.

Have a beer on me!

Susi xx


Re: Too F***ing Late...!

I have a couple of ReadyNAS Duo v1 Sparcs too, and they been bloody terrific! Still running 24/7/365 after (something like?) 5 years! And like you say, they occasionally, even now, get the odd bug/security fix. Power them down every six months, blow out the dust, and off they trot again...

Whatever the flip has happened to Netgear? Their routers were not always the best out of the gate, but they fixed most of them (though I did find the WNR2000 to be a particular stinker! I actually smashed the cr*p out of it with a hammer after a couple of months - just for the hell of it - I felt so much better!! Yup. Replaced with a Draytek 2820n, I think...).

"Welcome to the DrayTek Shopping Channel..." :D

Susi xx


Too F***ing Late...!

I'm done with Netgear! I bought an R7000 Netgear Nighthawk after my previous R6300 died as a result of a lightning strike. I only bought the NH in the first place because I couldn't afford a DrayTek 2860ac at the time.

Bugger. Should have taken the hit. Should have learned my lessons regarding Netagear Long Ago!

Got stuffed-up by Netgear over the Digital Entertainer EVA 9150 (media-server/player, roughly £260 at the time), after they pulled development despite numerous promises of "Great Things To Come." Same happened with the Netgear R6300 router I bought - they stopped trying to fix it in firmware, and brought out a new version instead. Thousands of us were left with devices that had WiFi problems. Until the recent Emergency Patch for the R7000, the previous few FW releases broke more than they fixed... So, because this was such a serious vunerability, I installed it. After I done this, every time I went into the WAN Setup page in the web-GUI - I had to power-cycle the router.

My new DrayTek is humming away nicely now. :)

Just done. </rant>

To all new victims out there, vote with your wallets. Vulnerabilities and faults can happen to any vendor - how they deal with them (or don't!) is very telling.

Happy Whatever, and have an Awesome New Year folks!!

Susi xx

Microsoft can't tell North from South on Bing Maps



Until this article, I honestly didn't know that Bing Maps existed.

Apparently, for my own safety, I should now forget they exist! :)

Render crashing PCs back to their component silicon: They deserve it


My favourite things to die on me were the last three Vauxhalls I owned. All three were fuel-injected petrol. All suffered from the slow-running solenoid gumming up with carbon and cutting out at intersections, right-turns, etc. - you know, just when they could get you killed. Final straw was the engine-management system turning off the engine in my Vectra while in the outside lane of the M25 when going up the big hill near Polhill (near Sevenoaks) at 70mph overtaking a stream of lorries.

Having to turn the ignition off and on again, at speed, in the dark, was a sphincter-clenching moment!!! It did it again a couple of days later.

Traded the car in a couple of weeks after that. Got a Toyota now, which has also had serious computer faults like the latter one - steering-assist, brakes, throttle, etc., recalls, but it has never quit on me. 10 years on, still going strong.

Frankly, I prefer my 1977 Bonneville T140V (had from new). No advanced electronics. No computers. No critical breakdowns (yes, really! I've always looked after it!!).

Computers will be the death of me... lol

As for Dune - loved Frank Herbert, but that 'Heart Plug' thing messed with my head. Never could see it in the same light after that. The book was OK, but the film portrayal... <puke!>

Juno shoots 'Marble Movie' of Jupiter



1 hour later - Enjoy!

Off doing same now! Gotta love a Friday beer in the sun...

Bee queens are Notch-blocking their minions, say boffins


Human Breeders...

Hmm. Now all we need is a version of QMP to stop some of the human females that spit out 'children' in an attempt to convert all the planet's resources into their spawn so that they don't have to work for a living!

(My next-door neighbour's daughter is a case in point - 'worked' two months as a Trainee Hairdreser ten years ago - was given a flat by the local council after mum pretended to throw her out on her ear when she got pregnant the first time - now about to hatch Child Seven. Council just gave her a 5 bedroom semi-detached house. Upgraded from the 3 bedroom one she got three years ago. Not a bad deal. Must be starting her own hive!)



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