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Mobile first? Microsoft decides to kneecap its Android users instead


Contact woes

I noticed that the Outlook.com app had been discontinued when I got a phone call from my Dad yesterday night and the phone number came up rather than a name. Sure enough, when I checked all Outlook.com contacts had vanished along with the calendars (as mentioned). I'd had the Outlook app for a while as the warnings from Outlook.com had persisted and was suitably unimpressed with it. No way to use Outlook.com aliases, you can't see if there are unread e-mails in any of the folders when you look at the folder list, focused inbox was annoying (I'll decide what's important thanks). Overall it was very poor. I enabled the contact sync which had been turned off (that is an option by the way) and waited for my contacts to appear. Some did. Some didn't. Maybe I was too impatient but eventually I gave up with the Outlook sync option and used the Exchange option from a different e-mail client (Enhanced E-mail - a bit old in the tooth but compatible with a mail folder widget which means I can see if an e-mail has been delivered to a separate folder, something I couldn't get any of the other mail clients to do). That sync'd my contacts and at least my main calendar is now in SPlanner. Before I could have Facebook, Birthdays, My wifes all showing easily, but I can only download the one calendar from Outlook.com using the Exchange option.

The old Outlook.com app had it's problems but it was so much easier to use, straight forward and got the job done. The Outlook app is just pants! Hopefully public opinion will get some changes made (the original Hotmail app was pretty awful) but I do feel thoroughly shat on by Microsoft!

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