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Linkedin spurns bug bounty hunter

Marc S

Attention Jared DeMott:

"I have found a way to break into your home, and would like to give you the right of first refusal. If you wouldn't like to buy it then we are happy to re-sell or release as a full disclosure ... perhaps to the Russian mob for 100k or someone who would like to kill you in your sleep? I would more then gladly provide a proof of concept, perhaps by p1ssing on your bed while you are out at the mall sometime."

Sounds scary now doesn't it, but it is essentially tantamount to the same thing. Just because you can point your browser to a website doesn't mean you have the right to muck about on it, or try exhort money from the webmaster.

And and RE the query on the double spaced post, it's quite obviously an haikuesque ode and conforms to iambic pentameter! ;)



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