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Das ist empörend: Microsoft slams umlaut for email depth charge


Re: Please!

@ malle-herbert (12 days ago):

Now you're talking!


Re: Please!

@ ratfox (12 days ago)

(Pedantry on):

Well, actually, no. Here in Germany people say "Leck mich am Arsch!"

(Pedantry off.)

FBI channels Kafka with new rules on slurping Americans' private data


Would it not have been simpler for the FBI not to have mentioned the matter at all?

PS: If I've missed something here, please tell me.

Italian MP threatens parents forcing veggie diets on kids with jail


Re: @ AJ MacLeod


Not to mention the small matter of malnutrition of children (= child maltreatment?).

Gun-jumping French pols demand rapid end to English in EU


Re: Pedant alert

Pedantry on:

Breton is "descended" from Cornish, not Welsh (although, as a Celtic language, not unrelated): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breton_language

Pedantry off.


Um, if you're a Brit and want to become French, you can still be a Brit - for the next two years or so, anyway.

Controversial: The future is data integrity, not confidentiality


The future is data integrity

Sorry, not quite right.

The objections inthe UK were to the card, the National Identity register (the other 90% of the iceberg), whether or not one would have to carry such an ID (there would have been no such obligation initially) and indeed to the entire system.

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