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FBI warns of SIM-swap scams, IBM finds holes in visitor software, 13-year-old girl charged over JavaScript prank...


Re: Just wait...

He must have thought the guy he was replying too was in China.

Sure, we've got a problem but we don't really want to spend any money on the tech guy you're sending to fix it


I was sent on a 100 mile round trip...

...to install a new mouse at a customers site.

The mouse on the reception machine in a fancy hotel had gone awry and there was no-one on site who was willing to stick their arm round the back of a PC and swap a USB plug over.

I was happy enough to do it though as it was the beginning of spring and we were enjoying the first real rays of warmth and happiness of the year, and I'd just bought a convertible car so I was extremely happy zipping down the A140 with the wind in my hair to do the job.

Put your tin-foil hats on! Wi-Fi can be used to guesstimate number of people hidden in a room


...WiFi struggles to go through water

Which will make you more noticeable in this test.

The trick seems to be to dehydrate so wifi passes more easily and you become invisible.

Plex plucks media cloud service, sends users scurrying to exit


Re: Whew!

ffmpeg is a convenient and simple solution that both myself and my non-technical girlfriend can use directly from our television.

Oh no, my mistake. Thats plex :)

Trainer regrets giving straight answer to staffer's odd question


Re: Phones too

My dad had a very minor accident in his Porsche and it needed to spend a week at the garage. The replacement car they gave him was a lime green 1987 Austin Metro.

He didn't crash the Porsche again.


Re: Some police Depts in the US won't take reports for stolen phones

Many years ago (in the UK) I lost my phone. I reported it to the insurance and they needed a police reference number.

I went to the police station and reported my phone was missing. They got a clipboard out, wrote down a description and gave me a number. I go back to the insurers and got my new phone a week or so later.

Skip forward ~18 months I lose my phone again. In anticipation of the question from the insurers I went to the police station and asked to report a missing phone. The copper behind the desk said I couldn't.

"If there hasn't been a crime there isn't anything to report to us".

Fair enough I say, but you did this not that long ago. He re-iterated the line about there not being a crime. I explained that without it I can't claim on my insurance. He reiterated the line about there not having been a crime.

This repeats a couple more times before I give up, pause, look him in the eye and say...

"I'd like to report a stolen phone please"

If his eyes had rolled any harder I would have got the jackpot. He proceeds to take out a form and record the details that I was *clearly* making up on the spot about how it was on the table in the pub and how it was suddenly not there.

He doesn't look too happy about it. I get a crime reference number.

I report it to my insurers who go away to process it, 2 days later I'm in bed when my phone rings(!)*, I fish it out from down the side of the bed where it must have fallen when I drunkenly collapsed into bed on the night it went missing.

It was the insurance company telling me that my claim had been approved and where did I want the new phone shipped too?

I told them I'd found it thanks and they could cancel the claim.

*This was a while ago when a phone would last 4+ days without a charge.

Fourth 'Fappening' celeb nude snap thief treated to 8 months in the clink


Re: unsavoury incident?

"former lovers, [...] I bet their copies aren't encrypted because none of them would listen to me when I lectured them on computer security."

And here we are wondering why they are ex-lovers.

Windows 95 roars once more in the Microsoft round-up


"No forced updates"

Because that went so well with XP right?

Windows 0-day pops up out of nowhere Twitter


Re: gpo help?

> remove the whole Task Scheduler service

That's a terrible idea.

Surprise! VAT, customs likely to get a bit trickier in a Brexit no-deal world


Re: This Train Wreck is getting interesting

>if the [redacted] in Brussels has its way.

It's not the [redacted] in burssels that are the problem surely, it's the [redacted] sons of [redacted] mother[redacted] [redacted] [redacted] tory [redacted] [redacted] [redacted]'s in westminster that we should be worrying about 'getting their way'.

OpenAI bots smashed in their first clash against human Dota 2 pros


Re: why surprised humans beat a handicapped AI ?

It's a fair point, but the AI also gets other advantages, being able to 'see' the map from the beginning where the humans can't, and character selection is limited.

Microsoft's cheapo Surface: Like a netbook you can't upgrade


Re: Nothing wrong with a netbook


It's the Acer Aspire One 722.

Maybe I'll take another look, it'd be handy to get away from windows on it.


Re: Nothing wrong with a netbook

Still got my old Acer Aspire netbook running in the sitting room for basic stuff, got an SSD in and 8GB ram. Windows 10 runs* and it does enough for the time being.

It'd do better with a *nix OS but there are not drivers for the wifi and my skills don't extend to making my own.

If nothing else it gets me RDP'd to a fairly powerful VM running on a microserver somewhere in a cupboard, but I wouldn't want to have to use it for anything.


ReactOS 0.4.9 release metes out stability and self-hosting, still looks like a '90s fever dream


Re: RINW10

"moving stuff around [...] often taking everyday tasks an increasing the number steps to achieve them."

worse, WORSE than that is dicking around with keyboard shortcuts.

Microsoft tries cutting the Ribbon in Office UI upgrade



> Can't use word.

I'm glad I'm not in need of any commercial real estate lawyering or I'd be seriously worried I'd end up with your incompetent self.

Have you tried using notepad? Sounds more like it's your ability level.


Re: UI for portrait screen?

The problem is that no-one is designing UI for widescreens either.

Currently I have a browser window open with a load of shit taking up the top 5% of the screen, the middle third of the screen is taken up with the el reg content and two completely blank bars down either side.

Same with basically every other current interface.

I'd be greatly appreciative of the option to move the menu/tab/interface to the left or right rather than across the top.


Re: Another Useless Change

so microsoft should drop all the power user options because you don't need them?


Re: it is not the customer's job to adapt

"better UI (such as Libre Office"

Ha, good one.

Oh... you mean it?


keyboard shortcuts still work mate, if you actually had muscle memory from 2003 you'd probably know that because you'd have tried it out of habit...

As much as I do like the ribbon I've never bothered to locate the fill series option on it because ALT+E,I,S brings up the fill series dialogue.

etc etc

I'm assuming this will all disappear too though and that will be annoying.

New Galaxy un-smartphone can’t go online because Samsung's thought of the children


Replaceable Battery

So it's better than any of the current flagship phones?

Sysadmin’s worst client was … his mother! Until his sister called for help


Re: and also Ahh sub folders Ahh, parents

Just set them up with a mapping at the end of the folder structure and then they can add another 255 characters to that.


Re: and also Ahh sub folders Ahh, parents

I used to support an environment that had, amongst other astonishing stuff, a folder structure that looked something like this



Operations\NOC 2012\

Guess which was 'live'

I also made the mistake of mapping a drive for end users that already had a 40 char folder name, so where they saw U:\ the server saw \\server\share\some folder name\some other folder name\accounts

The users then built out a folder structure that used the full 255 char limit from where they were mapping too. Of course when it came for me to do any work on that server I'd hit this huge chunk of files that windows was no longer able to deal with thanks to the fact the file names were too long.

User fired IT support company for a 'typo' that was actually a real word


Re: sub for a riot

but did you ever ask your girlfriend for coal?

Huawei joins Android elite with pricey, nocturnal 40MP flagship


Re: *Points in disappointment*

why does every body get in such a tiz about a notch.

You've got a screen that goes to the edge all the way round, surely thats preferable, even with a notch, to having 10% of the devices front wasted to plasticy bezel?

Cambridge Analytica 'privatised colonising operation', not a 'legitimate business', says whistleblower



@Lost all faith...

"cambridge analytica site:bbc.co.uk"

This is of course exactly how the majority of internet users go about navigating the BBC news site.

The fact is that if you go to bbc.co.uk/news right now there is not a single mention of 'Cambridge' 'Analytica' 'Referendum' or 'Wylie' and a single entry for 'Brexit' that has nothing to do with this story. A casual reader wouldn't know a single thing about this story, if they weren't looking for it, after reading the BBC news homepage in it's entirety.

It was featured fairly prominently yesterday though.

What the @#$%&!? Microsoft bans nudity, swearing in Skype, emails, Office 365 docs


RE : M$ are analysing the content

If you read the fucking* article you'd see that they aren't actively policing it, so no they aren't parsing your latest book/email/skype chat. They retain the right to investigate if there is a complaint.

*written on Windows 10, signed in with my Office365 account. Come at me brocrosoft.

Horn star Sudan, last male northern white rhino, dies aged 45


"Although extinction is a natural phenomenon, it occurs at a natural “background” rate of about one to five species per year. Scientists estimate we're now losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the background rate, with literally dozens going extinct every day"

Uni IT man stole £22k of Macs to pay for smack


Re: Eh?

"What sort of background check could you do on me that would show I did drugs in the past?"

How about : "Here... I've got a great big bag of smack, do you want some?"


RE: 3 years in Pokey should work.

Yes, time in prison has been shown to both reduce drug use and improve behaviour on release.

Bitcoin's blockchain: Potentially a hazardous waste dump of child abuse, malware, etc


Usenet was all text based...

...until a mechanism was found to store binary data, this was to be the 'end of usenet' at a couple of points but it's still going strong. Admittedly the block chain doesn't have the capability to remove questionable content but I'm sure if usenet can survive storing questionable content the blockchain will find a way (although perhaps the answer is 'a different block chain').

My PC is broken, said user typing in white on a white background


Mr B*stard

For Mr Bastard you need to turn to autocorrect.

In your spell checker of choice simply set an autocorrect rule to change the users surname to a suitable superlative.

I found this out on my dads copy of MS Word in the mid 90's, he went from Mr Rage to Mr Old Git. Thing is I forgot and he didn't notice for a really long time. Apparently his new accountant questioned it, I'm guessing at least 9 months after I made the change.

Star Paws: Attack of the clones


Re: Cloning As A Service

We're of one mind, even down to repurposing the unwanted genetic matter to refill the protein vats.


@Gordon 10

This is easy to solve, simply copy the model for all these razor/recipe/beer/gin subscription boxes and couple it with the cloning technique.

Every month you get a fresh puppy clone in a dog sized box, you put the old one in and send it to the freepost address for introduction to the doggy retirement home (aka Soylent Pup). All for the low low price of £20/month (initial fee, rising to £20000/month after 1 month).

It'd need a clever name though. Best suggestion gets a 10% off their first month.

Flight Simulator's DRM fighter nosedives into Chrome's cache


Re: The path to hell

"Catching cunts who are ripping off other people's hard work."

nine thumbs down

"What good intentions?"

34 Thumbs up.

Everyone in this thread seems to be pretty relaxed about people's work being ripped off.


Re: The path to hell


"but, more simply, the goal is to protect their profit."

What complete bastards. How dare they etc etc.

Everyone working in the digital world should be working for free and living off the generosity of the community.

Two thumbs up for you too. Shocking


Re: The path to hell

Catching cunts who are ripping off other people's hard work.

Developer recovered deleted data with his face – his Poker face


DEL & * catastrophe

In the distant past I was providing support for an EDI supply chain system, the one I was currently working on was running one of the large distribution depots for Marks & Spencer, essentially everything went through here.

I talked their IT through tidying up a bunch of backup data files that were impacting performance. I said, and I'm pretty sure I said this right, "type Del *.0??" what she heard was "type DEL *.??"

Sadly all the current data files had a 2 letter extension and we were running this in the data directory.

All their data had gone. I asked about backups and she had the audacity to say 'I don't know about that I'm the Unix admin'. Turns out that they didn't keep backups.

Fortunately they had a functional spare system that we could replay all the changes into and we got them back up and running after only something like 12 hours of solid work.

Bloke sues Microsoft: Give me $600m – or my copy of Windows 7 back


Re: i want a slice of that $600M

"Couldnt even access a boot USB stick."

yeah, because that could be caused by the operating system

2017 tablet market trended towards torpor


Re: Google app store on Fire is a cinch

Which is fine if you are looking for it, or even know to look for it.

And frankly not getting people who don't know what they are doing into sideloading APKs they find on the internet is a good thing, having had to technical support clueless family and friends Windows boxes in the 90's/2000's.


Re: Not sure Amazon will keep it up

Father in Law was after a better tablet and had read that the Fire HD didn't have 'full android' and so hadn't bought one, despite enjoying his 8" Fire tablet that also didn't have full android.

I explained that if he wasn't missing it now he won't miss it in the future. And I I think that would be true for most people; they simply won't understand that the Amazon app store is a second class citizen and that there are options, to them it's just the way it is. Different from their phone but still has most of the same apps so who cares or even notices?

It's only us geeks that dick about with custom roms and sideloading APKs.

Ugly, perfect ten-rated bug hits Cisco VPNs


Re: Security appliances memory errors and programming bugs

I imagine that some of what you say is entirely valid, but surely you are missing a couple of points too.

First of all programming 30 years ago may well have been full of exploitable holes that no-one discovered due to the simple fact there weren't as many people looking for them. What we've got now is the infosec equivalent of an infinite number of hackers on an infinite number of laptops, more systems are being prodded by more people and so more problems are being found.

In addition to that is it not the case that the systems that are being released are just that much more complicated? Your programmer 30 years ago might have made tidier, tighter code but chances are it was only doing one small easily tested (relatively speaking) function, compared to a cisco Threat Defense system thats infinitely configurable and can operate in a huge number of ways.

And that isn't to defend the idea that we appear to have a fundamental problem with security in the industry now, but blaming the 'new' programmers is perhaps a little simplistic.

UK competition watchdog: Fox's takeover of Sky 'not in public interest'


In the next 12 months...

... Anne Lambert will lose her job OR Matt Hancock MP (Culture Secretary) is revealed to have been shagging children/pigs/someone else' wife.

China's first space station to – ahem – de-orbit in late March


Reports suggesting that there are still crew on board...

They've been named as

- Captain Sum Ting Wong

- Wi Tu Lo

- Ho Lee Fuk

- Bang Ding Ow


Wait, what? The Linux Kernel Mailing List archives lived on ONE PC? One BROKEN PC?


£120 for 4MB

Early 90's I'm pretty sure that £30 per 1MB was about right wasn't it? 72 PIN SIM?

Shazam! Apple chucks £300m at Brit what's-that-song app – report


Re: A very long time ago...

@Slap we did similar, although not to the tune of £400, it took a while to trip it up but I believe a white lable of Mr76ix finally defeated it.


A very long time ago...

...Shazam was only accessible via ringing a 4 digit shortcode. Specifically 2580, straight down the centre of your phone.

This was long before the current short codes, which are all 5 digit, were a thing. They were also the only service that I was aware of that had *any* sort of short code, let alone this superbly desirable number.

I've never been able to track down how that came about, a tiny startup offering this throw away service at 50p a go gets ownership of an extremely desirable and unique number. Someone must have pulled some strings there surely?

Any one have any idea how that might have happened?

Vanity, thy name is: M1SCO company car reg plates for sale


tediously a relevant XKCD


Permissionless data slurping: Why Google's latest bombshell matters


Re: Are we surprised?

"northern farmers"

this from the Tractor Boys?!

User experience test tools: A privacy accident waiting to happen



SessionCam have posted a rebuttal of sorts here : https://blog.sessioncam.com/sessioncam-and-privacy-why-you-dont-need-to-worry-about-session-replay-ce9cabbe52e2

The NAKED truth: Why flashing us your nude pics is a good idea – by Facebook's safety boss


Re: abusive scumbags

And so the /r/incel fallout lands at the register...


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