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Sorry, Linux. We know you want to be popular, but cyber-crooks are all about Microsoft for now

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Re: Really?

"VBScript was used as an extension language in various applications."

Yeah , like all the office apps , The called it vba

but if you want to really customise excel for a particular task , i dont know another way of doing it.

Probly you shouldnt be using excel for the task in the first place but if its a spreadsheety type job ....

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If Flash is insecure, why does the BBC now insist I install Flash to get their podcasts or view catch up?

so does Planet Rock website , and on linux it takes it several attempts to load correctly

Boeing big cheese repeats pledge of 737 Max software updates following fatal crashes

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Re: Car analogy, software emulation

"The last car such car I drove had drive by wire for throttle"

virtually every new car does now , and has for some time

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Re: Want to try to reprogram it so it feels and drives like an F1?

first one i heard of that *needed* computers because of its shape was the stealth bomber, which u can tell just by looking at it , youd never fly it manually

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Re: Want to try to reprogram it so it feels and drives like an F1?

"Off-topic, but I think the "bicycle wheels as gyroscopes" theory is mistaken*.

me too

"crank the pedals as fast as you can to get the back wheel spinning."

just think, they are spinning a lot faster than when you are dawdling along at 5 mph , perfecly stably , at that point there is near zero gyro force

Ransomware drops the Lillehammer on Norsk Hydro: Aluminium giant forced into manual mode after systems scrambled

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Re: Industrial Network Security...or lack of....

"Having the control networks connected to the internet is like making more profit on ships by not having enough lifeboats (as on the Titanic)."

although correct thats the weakest analogy i've ever heard, the only thing the 2 have in common is "its a bad idea"

I'd have gone with:

"Having the control networks connected to the internet is like leaving your car permanently unlocked so your friends and family can easily access it."

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"No money for training of staff on phishing or spotting other malware"

should that really be a factor?

we have 8000 totally I.T illterate doctors and nurses. busy ones.

There is no way in hell one of the 8000 isnt going to click on a dodgy email, no matter how much training you force feed them.

Welcome. You're now in a timeline in which US presidential hopeful Beto was a member of a legendary hacker crew

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Re: Well...

oh well thats alright then.

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Re: Nice

you cant have a politics discussion online without people on both sides working terrible nasty puns into the names of the parties or the people.

even here at the Reg , see above , it just happened.

Sure, we've got a problem but we don't really want to spend any money on the tech guy you're sending to fix it

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I got sent across town because our building there was on fire, and the firemen wanted someone from I.T.

Got there to find the 4 story building fully ablaze, and was completely unable to advise firemen of any UPS batteries , microwaves or other scary I.T stuff as my job wasnt high enough up to get involved with any of that ...

Prodigy dancer and vocalist Keith Flint found dead aged 49

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Re: The Prodigy never again scraped the same level of chart-topping success

"Topping the charts in 2018 ain't the same as topping the charts back in 1998 or whenever."

yeah , its gotta be harder surely?

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me too

Don't mean to alarm you, but Boeing has built an unmanned fighter jet called 'Loyal Wingman'

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Re: 3 2 1

Its talk like that that led to the accident ....

Who needs malware? IBM says most hackers just PowerShell through boxes now, leaving little in the way of footprints

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Re: Users versus Administrators

indeed i do , i live for scripting, but if you have a task that needs the power of powershell , you're gonna need ws admin privelideges , and probly access to servers where data is held , in which case you must be manually doing a job the I.T. dept should have automated for you already.

An apprentice left our office , to another where they had him manually looking up 5 or 6 hundred email address in outlook address book using a list of names they had, and adding them to an outgoing email

They do that every month apparently. It takes all day.

I automated that for them in 20 minutes,

I just try not to think how much of that kind of thing is going on all over this hospital , and industry in general, especially as nobody seems to appreciate my talents for automating things and saving 1000s of man hours regularly , at least not enough to make it my job and pay me appropriately.

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Re: Don't make friends and influence people

its not the "computer staff" that get engineered

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Re: Ironic that...

Microsoft is hell bent on killing cmd, so your only option for login scripts

I would use cscript.exe and a vbs file for login scripts, but no ones asking ,much less paying , so i wont.

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Re: Users versus Administrators

Only if those "users'" job is to write ps scripts and programs.

What percentage of users is that?

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"Cue corporate policies requiring PowerShell be prohibted "

Damn right , why the hell does linda the accountant need poweshell?

Slow Ring Windows 10 fragged by anti-cheat software in the games you're playing at work, says Insiders supremo

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Re: Vendor lock-in

Well , all over radio4 this morning was some politician saying , "Well we sorted those fixed odds betting machines on the high street , now we're coming after online gambling , internets . so watch out!"

I guess lootboxes wont be first in the firing line though , and they may find regulating the internet trickier than regulating a high st shop...

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Re: cheating

copies for myself as often I want, when I want,

and if you bought a car , you should be able to drive at 140mph with the seatbelt off?

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Re: Vendor lock-in

Irrelevant, loot boxes ruin it too for everyone who doesn't have money

nah , the prizes in these crappy illegal underage gambling sites games are as strategically useful as the prizes in a country fair tombola.

My gf's teenager wanted to pay extortiionately for a skin - to make his in game weapon look cooler ffs.

Kids go mad for that shit and have concept of the value of money.

When you do get a better weapon - the stats on it show how the range or accuracy is slightly better - but thats insignificant compared to the skill level of playing against live people ,

What im saying is they can buy a tiny advantage, not a big one.

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Re: Why on earth would this be a problem for GDPR?

yeah , but is all that hard-to-stop data qualifying for GDPR? , I assume for that it has to be personal identiying un-anonymised data

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Paris Hilton

Re: WTF is a Slow Ring???

i've just googled MyffyW , as you had it on the last line, before realising its your username

Telecoms kit supplier shut down for carrying on work of two firms that had been... shut down

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to summ up ...

Bradwell Communications, did some work for ...

Direct United (Services) and Fibre Tex...

who were found to have "operated with a lack of transparency and had traded in an improper manner that resulted in both companies incurring significant liabilities". According to the Insolvency Service, Bradwell Communications had been carrying on the work of two firms that watchdogs had already sought to shut down.

So if you accidentally do some work for a dodgy company , you get fined?

Are we supposed to see accounts and "company of the year" awards for all customers?

I'm not sure what Bradwell Communications did wrong here.

OK, team, we've got the big demo tomorrow and we're feeling confident. Let's reboot the servers

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Re: Golly, is it Monday?

yep , its monday :(

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Re: Another Robin in the 'Hood

but what does that have to do with Robin's comment that you replied to?

Artificial Intelligence: You know it isn't real, yeah?

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Re: What's worse than the biased algorithm

"developed to assist judges in the US determine appropriate prison sentencing and the award of parole based on AI-churned data. "

yeah , right , thats definately the first job we should give to "AI"

Blue Monday: Efforts to inspire teamwork with swears back-fires for n00b team manager

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Have you ever let your subordinates take the flak for something you did?

I wish. I've never been deemed suitable to be in charge of anyone.

Unlike Kenneth , who appeared to achieve that milestone on day 1

Secret mic in Nest gear wasn't supposed to be a secret, says Google, we just forgot to tell anyone

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But surely these short-sighted users bear just as much responsibility for the trend as the "evil corporation" making them? Complaining about surveillance after acquiring an Alexa or a Google Home is rather like adopting a pet crocodile and complaining when it grows up and devours the children.

Why do you think these companies made them?

Thats some paranoid shit right there.

I dont have an Alexa because its a stupid pointless invention.

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Re: Missing something?

I bet it was in the manual (or some on screen menu) , but the author wanted to create a story so didnt mention that , only that the mic wasnt on the speclist page.

Accused hacker Lauri Love loses legal bid to reclaim seized IT gear

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Re: Something not ringing true here ...

Goddam thats a lot of replies all explaining to each other how incredibly simple it is to access data on a seized drive without it deleting itself!

I'm sure the police forensics can do this schoolboy difficulty task.

So how could an "encryption process cut in" when a raw data drive is being read, unless the drives firmware has been hacked ?

My guess is the drive was in the process of getting encrypted when his door got kicked in and the plug pulled. Or maybe shortly after that when forensics turned up and said "FFS unplug those computers!"

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IT Angle

Re: Something not ringing true here ...



WWW = Woeful, er, winternet wendering? CERN browser rebuilt after 30 years barely recognizes modern web

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Re: Eh, it's pre-CSS

..and now your average web page weighs more than the shareware distribution of "Doom"

Prst. V.Jeltz Silver badge

but.. what? how?

"the ur-browser,"

Innit weird , you learn a new word ,or fact , and then it pops up all the time.

I only learned of the ur- prefix meaning "original" yesterday from a link in the comments of the reg's Buffy article.

Now here it is again!

'Occult' text from Buffy The Vampire Slayer ep actually just story about new bus lane in Dublin

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Re: Blade Runner

haha somehow , i cant stop reading a scene by scene analysis of Bladerunner focusing 90% on the typeface of any text that pops up!

Coincidentally , the page has just revealed to me that Deckards apartment is modelled on a real house in LA that was also used as the abandoned mansion where Angel, Spike, and Drusilla hang out in Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode I Only Have Eyes For You…


Bloke thrown in the cooler for eight years after 3D-printing gun to dodge weapon ban

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Re: But Background Checks Don't Work!

well , i think she was actually carrying sensitive info of some sort,

Also , dosent this state have a list of organisations that are "actually" terrorist,

and by being a member of one you are instantly guilty of , um , something ?

I'm sure ISIS qualifies.

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Re: @Jake @ yank lurker ... Gun show

so is it possible a long thin bullet might be more powerful than a short fat one , but sound less so because of the smaller calibre?

Prst. V.Jeltz Silver badge

Re: @Redpawn ... Gun show

gun shows? wtf ? A restricted item , and you just gather together at some venue and all the laws go out the window?

Thats like doctors showing up in nightclubs and handing the drugs out!

or a "Beer festival" where age limits for some reason dont apply.

Why are the rules at your "gun shows" not the same as every other day, possibly with some extras added on?

Prst. V.Jeltz Silver badge

Re: But Background Checks Don't Work!

guess why he had one:

had his state weapons permit revoked years ago because of a felony assault conviction .....

....Still, they said, Mr. Martin’s gun — a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun with a laser sight — was never taken away.

So he didnt even have to beg borrow steal one!

It reminds me of the current case of returning Jihadis over here - when one of the girls travelling to Syria to become a ISIS bride was intercepted and forced off the plane in UK , they then sort of assumed job done and forgot to issue any sort of punishment..

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Re: And here's the kicker...

People with felony convictions more broadly account for 8 percent of the overall population and 33 percent of the African-American male population

wow! bit of a discrepancy there !

Prst. V.Jeltz Silver badge

because too much bureaucracy! thinking like that result in thousands of pointless rules that just take up space in the rule book and cloud the actual rules.

i.e because they havent got guns* , so whats the point checking?

*in theory

Same reason you dont have to show your driving licence to buy fuel.

US man and Brit teen convict indicted over school bomb threat spree

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Duke-Cohan, who bizarrely claimed to a forensic psychiatrist that he had a history of harming small animals, is expected to be released from prison in May 2020.

Is that a sentence? I cant tell if the hurting animals bit is his claim or an additional fact.

A once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity: NASA bids emotional farewell to its cocky, hardworking RC science car on Mars

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That thing looks a little like Johnny5

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I saved $160 by just reading this review/spoiler instead :)

As a former IR astronomer and author of several space mission proposals, I already knew some of the information in this book. But I still found it to be a fascinating window into the arcane and Byzantine process by which NASA produces complex scientific spacecraft. SIRTF/Spitzer took 20 years from announcement to launch, and it went through more fundamental changes in design and survived more NASA management fads than any spacecraft in history. Somehow Professor Rieke managed not to lose his sense of humor during this torture.

The impression one gets from reading this account is the whole system for selecting and funding NASA missions is fundamentally broken and needs to be totally overhauled. The amount of effort and money wasted on mission concepts that were abandoned is astonishing. Spitzer only worked because IR detector technology improved by a factor of 10,000 during its development cycle (mostly due to military-funded research).

I also was surprised at the number of dumb mistakes made by experienced engineers. The main contractor for the Spitzer instrument package was Ball Aerospace, who have a mixed reputation for competence. Clearly this mission was not one of their high points. Ball's pre-launch testing program seems to have caused more problems than it cured.

A lot of trouble was caused by defective components supplied by sub-contractors (which under the insane rules of the time could not be tested by the prime contractor or NASA). It seems incredible to me that after 40 years of building space probes, it is not possible to obtain basic parts like wiring harnesses and gas valves that aren't riddled with defects. There is no indication that the vendors of these defective parts were sued for damages, denied award fees, or placed on some NASA blacklist.

Everybody interested in space mission planning should read this book. You may laugh, you may cry, but you will learn a lot.

Fun fact: GPS uses 10 bits to store the week. That means it runs out... oh heck – April 6, 2019

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odd isnt it , that our satnaz machines are constantly demanding updates to maps , just in case theres been a new estate built in eastern europe or something . The pickiest of these bots demand to be online at all times when navigating ....

yet in the old days the Ordanance survey maps were updated about once a decade , and people still managed to avoid driving into rivers

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arnt they geostationary?

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Re: Yay landfill!

i use the phone - it keeps my car free for playing music...

Prst. V.Jeltz Silver badge

Re: Yay landfill!

what model phone is it? or did you mean to say 'car' ?

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Re: Yay landfill!

Does anyone still use them?

yeah my Dads probly screwed, he will have to learn to use his phone instead

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with ring roads , you just have to faster until you achieve escape velocity..

-douglas adams

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