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Where does the taboo against sex during menstruation originate?

Julia Schopick

Taboo: Sex During Menstruation

I just happened upon this very interesting column by Dr. Stephen Juan, and while I certainly can't provide a definitive answer to his question, “Where does the taboo against sex during menstruation originate?,” I would like to point your readers to a wonderful website that contains lots of fascinating information (both scholarly and anecdotal) on the topic.

The website is www.mum.org, the Museum of Menstruation and Women’s Health. It is an extremely serious venture, and contains nearly 2000 online pages!

I also hope you will want to listen to a recent AUDIO INTERVIEW I conducted with this online museum’s founder, Harry Finley, at http://www.keeper.com/finley.html. As you will see from reading the show notes, in this audio interview, Mr. Finley discusses some truly fascinating topics – many of them relating to the taboo nature of menstruation. AND, the show notes contain some truly wonderful links.

The Keeper, Inc., at www.keeper.com, is the manufacturer of the environment-friendly Keeper and Moon Cup reusable menstrual cups.

I am so glad I found your site, and this column, in particular. And I hope you’ll want to visit ours and listen to the interview.

Thanks very much!

Julia Schopick

The Keeper, Inc.





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