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That sound you hear is Splunk leaking data

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remote access is for mainframes and minis

Name a web service that doesn't allow remote access. One that's powered off?

That said, can't tell if you're being deliberately obtuse or simply don't know what it is. Splunk is a log aggregation tool. Think the red-haired bastard step-child of syslog-ng, grep, sed, awk and rrdtool.

Boffins link ALIEN STRUCTURE ON VENUS to Solar System's biggest ever grav wave

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well done

this entire story was one long penis joke

Uber's Movement dumps data on city planners

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IT Angle

Re: Big city slicker.

The cities have no idea how long trips take. They can't programatically ask cops and firehighters or cabbies how long these things take. And they can't rely on word of mouth to plan or enhance service.

The only sensor data they have today is for magnetic and acoustic sensors placed at intersections, and the occasional pressure sensor traffic counter. Some have cameras, but not many. They can't use that data to determine if a cab went from Foo to Bar, only how many tires rolled over Foo and Bar or past the camera.

This data from Uber is a gold mine, couple the data from Uber to the pressure sensor data, and you have real insight on volume, origins, destinations, and travel times.

China gives America its underwater drone back – with a warning

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China can suck it. Taiwan is an independent country, free and clear of the mainland. The day China removes the mass murdering psychotic sociopath Mao from it's currency and public squares is the day they can talk with any sort of authority on international politics again.

If Hitler was on the Mark, you would be saying the same thing.

We have hit peak Silicon Valley: New crazy goal to disrupt entire cities

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Ancient Athens would like to mention they talked about this bullshit a few thousand years ago. They didn't solve the problem either.

More email misery and pillory for Hillary as FBI starts quizzery

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Re: Safest Option?

She served as Sec State from January 21, 2009 – February 1, 2013. The 111th Congress and Senate were composed of majority of Democrats. The 112th the Republicans only had a majority in the Congress, and a powerless majority it was. The Senate was majority Democrats. Who had the power of the purse strings?

That, and she had access to perfectly acceptable government run email servers for her whole tenure, and chose not to use them, budget cuts didn't have any impact on those, nor shutdowns. And, we don't have any idea how hacked her email server actually was, my guess, entirely hacked. Completely hacked. Powned by a dozen different agencies and governments. So powned, they had to call each other to schedule CPU and IO time to download the new mail.

Confession: I was a teenage computer virus writer

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My older sister worked for Xerox in the mid 90s, and we started to exchange emails which was a new thing for us at the time. She emailed me some EXE attachment, a legit program that her company apparently thought was fine to email around, and the possibilities intrigued me so I wrote a short application (in Turbo Pascal possibly?) for windows that simply displayed a window with a button that said "don't click this button" and if you clicked it, powered off your PC using the normal windows power off stuff. Took about an hour to research and write. I really just wanted to see if she was dumb enough to click it. She did. Then she called me freaking out about what I just did to her PC. Once she saw the humor in it, she forwarded it to all her friends, and in a week, it had been passed around to thousands of people via the forward button.

Not clever at all, not polymorphic, not TSR, not encrypted, did no damage (unless you forgot to save your spreadsheet), but it could have... and it was passed around like herpes at a whorehouse. Those were heady days indeed.

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