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The ultimate full English breakfast – have your SAY

Just Another Script Monkey

Up vote for Staffordshire Oatcakes

Just Another Script Monkey

Fried Bread? oh Gods no...

I will stick anything in my mouth, up to and including deep-fried-battered-chocolate-covered kangaroo, but please don't make me eat Fried Bread! Just make me a cup of warm lard instead.

... and Eggs have to be fried and runny.

and Brown Sauce.

and don't put posh sausages in either. None of this Apple and Sage stuff. I like them, but no point when covered in egg yolk and brown sauce.

and only 2 vegs. Take your pick, Beans or Toms (never both,) Mushrooms, fresh Tom (but not with tinned)

And it taken after 11am, Chips. Lots of Chips...

Juno probe spins up its sonic screwdrivers for Jupiter flyby

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Who's nicked then Sun?

Juno in "orbit around the solar system's largest resident"

I thought it was going to Jupiter. Is the Sun not in the solar system any more?

Will NASA be starting setting up an urgent mission to locate our missing star?

'Microsoft Office has been the bane of my life, while simultaneously keeping me employed'

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You got me at the title...

I've always said that, for better or worse, if it wasn't for Microsoft, I would be busking on the streets... and I can't play any instruments.

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

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Japanese interactive game for reptiles "Snake Hips 3" panned by reviewers: "Great tunes but the videos are rubbish"

Just Another Script Monkey

"Shakespeare? That's for script monkeys!" Snake takes a career change into IT journalism

I'm complaining to the pet shop right now! The packaging on this snake is pathetic!

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