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Arcserve left headless as CEO Mike Crest splits for pastures greener


Shocked !

Well remember ARCserve ABENDing my Novell servers years ago - assumed company had also ABENDed years back. Shocked I say, shocked!

Fujitsu Australia cloud outage leaves lifeguards' members exposed


Joking asides ...

... this is p*ss poor service from Fuj?

VMware-on-AWS is live, and Virtzilla is now a proper SaaS player


Why "4 hosts to build a cluster"?

Forgive my ignorance but, why a minimum of 4 nodes to a ESX cluster?

n+1 minimum is 2

IBM likely to close Australian data centre


Cumberland Forest not OWNED by IBM

My understanding that though once owned by IBM, it was sold (years ago) and then leased-back.

Also, it has become (18 months ago) multi-tenented since IBM can not longer fill the campus.

It was hardly ever a credible "Data Centre" - more like a weird, in-the-wilderness location.

Fujitsu's Australian cloud suffers storage crash, outage


Re: "a major Australian financial institution", "the VMs cannot be recovered"

- cummon ... this isn't "Cloud" its hosted virtualisation - not even close ......

We're into lap 21 and Node.js features have again overtaken those attempting to teach it


Go learn Java.

... or a real server-side language.

Time to give up on kiddy-scripts Kiddies.

LinkedIn finds friends to join its 'Open19' data centre standards effort


What could possibly ....

".. it appears that Open19 isn't mandating particular servers: if a machine fits into one of the four brick specs, it should get along fine."

After having spent +15 years struggling with manufacturer-specific blade systems from HP, Dell and IBM - what could possibly go wrong?

"It should get along fine" - weeping at their naive optimism .... good luck with that.

Dyson celebrates 'shock' EU Court win over flawed energy tests


Another "cheat devise"?

This reads like some weak surreal parody ... I checked for an April first dateline.

Life is becoming more and more like some poorly constructed comedy plot.

Good for Dyson for policing such cheats.

'Hey, Homeland Security. Don't you dare demand Twitter, Facebook passwords at the border'


Re: Won't come to anything

"Fascism will come to America in the guise of National Security" - Jim Garrison circa 1968

Citrix buys Unidesk for massive Microsoft Windows rollouts


Re: Shitrix

Both XenServer and Netscaler were bought-in, not originating from Citrix.

Initially, WinFrame/WinView aka "Citrix" was a great, groundbreaking product.

After which they were forced into bed (at gun point) with M$ and the company atrophied ....

HPE storage meltdown at Australian Tax Office lost no taxpayer data


so many eggs and only one basket?

The whole scenario depicted sounds peculiarly odd (read fanciful should you choose):

1. Single storage silo disrupting so many services? Surely we have mirrored services across different storage silos to minimise the "blast radius"?

2. Restoring from backup failed? Whats the betting where the backup indexing or metadata was held?

3. "Unique set of circumstances never experienced before in the whole world" aka no-one else stupid enough to architect anything similar.

Don't blame the vendor (who will take your money), look internally ......

Alibaba's lights are on in Australia, but hardly anyone is home


Playing catch-up ...

Since regional staffing levels will be proportional to customer numbers, I expect this to be the case everywhere outside of mainland China. Even here in Hong Kong there's little to no appetite for AliCloud.

Granted Alicloud is less costly than proper "industrial-strength" cloud providers but their service offerings are weak and number of availability zones are lacking - along with their support staff.

Not a viable cloud provider so buyer beware.

HPE: We're 'opening floodgates' for Synergy orders... a year after launch


Re: Hmmm...

the words "HPE is out-maneuvering .." (in that order) are rarely used nowadays.

IBM is now no longer in the x86 server market and Lenovo still have their heads in desktop/notebook mode without having got to grips with the serious end of the x86 server - yet. So a poor comparison.

Synergy is too little, too late ..... and too expensive.

Open sesame: Alibaba to open its first data centre in Europe


".. to be opened ..."

These people love to loudly pre-announce and deliver much, much later - if at all.

Also, beware not one single Region Data Centre does a cloud make.

For High Availability we need multiple, highly connected Data Centres (as in plural) - not one.

Fake election news meltdown vortex sucks in Google


Age-old propaganda trick ....

Goebbels said that "a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth".

Then, look back at the Gore v Bush election when Fox News broadcast (as fact) Bush to be the winner without the full results? After the report was repeated so many times the Gore camp gave up and did not challenge the article.

Great piece of social engineering by the ALT-right.

What went wrong at Tesco Bank?


Re: With cloud computing, hackers have so many more points of entry

"Shared" (even locked cage) is co-lo.

Not too smart for a bank but secure enough for a local Pet Shop, perhaps.

Quest celebrates first day of independence from Dell with layoffs


Zombied ..

Pre-Dell, Quest had a clear, but narrow focus and future.

Since, smothered by Dell Corp ...... and thus lost traction.

Good luck Quest as I remember you pre-Dell days and hope you survive - post.

50 tech jobs to go at AirServices Australia


The best lessons learnt

Legend has it that Canberra Airport is the busiest airport in Australia on Friday's - as the Pollies pile out to be home safely with their loved ones.

Surely these same Pollies might not be blinkered enough to realise the clear benefits of air safety?

He ain't heavy: OpenStack 16 cloud bros share LAMP interoperability load



So it took the collective expertise of the following OS contributors (Canonical, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, Huawei, IBM Mirantis, Red Hat and others) 6 months to complete & demonstrate an interoperable OpenStack LAMP stack?

What hope does the rest of the world have?

Breaking up EMC is a dumb idea, says VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger


Automation? really?

Pat, we've been waiting on automation from VMW for 8 years - remember your predecessor Paul talking about the DCOS all those years ago? Well, we gave up on waiting for VMW to deliver - we move on .....

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