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Tech giants at war: Google pulls plug on YouTube in Amazon kit

Chris McEwam

" Amazon also earlier booted hardware from Google-stablemate Nest from its web souk"

Really. i got all my nest products from amazon


again these companies really need to get over each other.

eBay boss tells workers to ignore 'noisy' Icahn's PayPal sale campaign

Chris McEwam

Anyone Listen anymore

is anyone listening to Ichaan now? he just seems to shift from one place to another making waves.

but then again its Americans we are on about, all knee jerk panic, react, oops.

When Symantec's away... 28-year-old Asigra becomes 'overnight' cloud backup success

Chris McEwam

i have yet to find any Serious business that trusts the Cloud.

Most people i know using the cloud are individuals and Sole Traders.

i myself use Skydrive and Crashplan as cloud storage and backup and i could not be happier

Ghosts of Christmas Past: Ten tech treats from yesteryear

Chris McEwam

I got my kids a Big Track and a mini Trak couple of years ago. they have so much fun with them. and those of you who think its behind the times there is a guide on turning it into a PS3 controller controlled remote control big trak.


Chris McEwam

Completely Skewed Figures considering it was launched on the Busiest Online Shopping Weekend of the year.

I dived deep into the VMware community. Here's what I found...

Chris McEwam

As a Vmware Consultant with a company a Vmware Partner some of the community is excluded. We cant attend VMUG or Vbeers unless invited. More and more people are TRYING to be noticed online and posting every experience and fix they find. Result is looking for answers is either easy of clouded by the sheer copy and paste of KB's into blogs.

I love the Vmware Community and take part where i can. But I am not ready to give away my skills I get paid to provide to all and sundry.

Blogging can be bad as well as good.

Digital radio may replace FM altogether - even though nobody wants it

Chris McEwam

Is DAB better? Dont think so

I always wanted a DAB set. got a new car with DAB in it and switching between our local Station on FM and DAB and you can hear that DAB is not as crisp or clear as the FM broadcast.

Veeam chases $1bn revenue dream as VC joins board

Chris McEwam

The answer is simple.

Good Product that works how they say it works and relatively simple licencing model.

none of this Per Vm or buy this bit of you want that etc..

Smartphone users prefer LOVELY apps to fiddly mobe websites

Chris McEwam

the REG ipad app is pants

Chris McEwam
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I must be strange

I find most apps from sites useless.

I always end up going back to the website to use that.

Examples being Shopping websites who provide apps.

plus why have 200 apps when you already have a browser.

OnLive sneaks Windows 7 into the iPad

Chris McEwam

Only available in US store

Unless you have an account on the US itunes store you cant get the app

Vmware has been using their VIEW app to stream virtual desktops to ipads for a while now. their interface is pretty good.

Chris McEwam

Only available in US store

Unless you have an account on the US itunes store you cant get the app

Sky's mobile movies move leaves Apple, Amazon gasping

Chris McEwam

Apple TV lacks everything

Apple TV here in the UK is only usefull for streaming from your Itunes or IOS device. The rental is a rip off, its also limited. In the states the have netflix.

As an Ipad one owner i cant watch SKY n my Ipad and on the apple TV. But ipad 2 customers can and Apple will be missing out on all those potential rentals that SKY are now giving away for free* (if you are a sky subscriber)

Sony PlayStation Network vs MS Xbox Live

Chris McEwam
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XBL pay to play weed out chaff

I prefer XBL to PSN for the simple reason it weeds out the idiots who come on not to play but to annoy. That £40 a year more is worth it when you see the idiots on PSN.

Not that XBL hasnt got its share but more people are less likely to be complete idiots when faced with a band that can cost them money.

iOS upgrade cocks up iPad USB connections

Chris McEwam

You are all missing the point.

All you arguing about the fact apple does not want non apple USB devices connected is fine. I agree with that but let's face it apple sold an SD connector too and it seems only a minority of cards now work with that.

Not just crappy cheap cards but named cards sold in apple stores have been reported not to work.

As one who bought the camera connector kit for what it was designed to do I am bitterly disappointed that half of the kit is rendered useless to me. I prefer using the Sd connector than connecting my camera up via a cable to transfer my photos especially since both my cameras use different cables.

The silence from Apple suggests it was a fubar rather than design.

Intel revolted by its own 'insensitive and insulting' ad

Chris McEwam

Over PC again

Too much political correctness today.

Yes there is a fine line when talkign about Race and colour but is it really a case of raceism or general popular perception.

I dont want to get into the debate that Afro-american/european males are faster runners or what but im sure if they put the top 8 100meter atheletes in the picture instead of actors the image would not change and nothing would have been said.

The more people bring up the "POSIBILITY" of a racial undertone the more its going to be construed as racist. As alot of comments in here have pointed out Noone would have noticed.

The BBC iPlayer 'launch' that wasn't

Chris McEwam

I cant get it to work

I still havnt managed to get it to work yet.

It constantly wants me to reinstall instead of download. Well i have given up

To be honest like the Sky anytime, 4OD the Iplayer wont impact me that much as id rather watch TV on a TV.

I have Sky Plus and using their online remote recoed is 10 times better than watching a program on your Laptop.

Lets be honest BBC repeats that much you will never miss a program anyway.

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