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Hold on to your aaSes: Yup, Windows 10 'as a service' is incoming


Can they just push up a newer LTSB release so I can have WSL back on something that's NOT full of shitware? None of this is stuff that consumers nor power users want.

SuperFish cram scandal: Lenovo must now ask nicely before stuffing new PCs with crapware


Let's face it, all Lenovo's going to do in the US is slap a big tape seal on an openable edge of the box.

"This Lenovo product comes with preinstalled shiteware. Breaking this seal constitutes acceptance of the installation of this software under whatever legislation and you agree to all Lenovo and third party terms and conditions, as well as an agreement that any legal issues that arise will be handled via a third-party arbitrator. Read more information plus all agreements at lenovo.com/youbellend before opening seal."

Multiple-guess quiz will make Brit fliers safer, hopes drone-maker DJI


The worst part is the American version of the quiz so far. It includes the stupidest question regarding "where can you not fly" where the correct answer is some random airport within the Washington DC Special Flight Rules Area.

Like I'm expected to know that?

Mohawks fling patent infringement sueball at Microsoft and Amazon


Living up here close to the Mohawk reservation, all I can say is that money's not going to what they say it's going to. It's going to line the coffers of the top, not improve the faltering healthcare in the region. It's going to do nothing to cure the rampant opioid epidemic up here. It's going to do nothing to bring more jobs into the area. It's going to do nothing except buy the top some shiny new toys.

Outgoing HPE workers stripped of gym cards and cushy remnants


"Several insiders told us that Nefkens reassuringly referred to employees as "inventory". This is a new one on El Reg, though staff said at least they were not branded as consumables."

They have, however, been branded as Non-Genuine HP Employees, and will not work in any current HP Office after the latest meatware updates were applied.

Amateur radio fans drop the ham-mer on HRD's license key 'blacklist'


"Carper also rejected the suggestion that HRD is blocking customers based on the individual's callsign, maintaining that blocks are only based on registration keys"

Except they did. Their licensing server literally took input as your callsign and spit back a response of "Valid", "Unknown", or "Blacklisted" as an additional check beyond a license key.

XtremIO 'outages bork US hospital patient records system'


Unless Epic pulled the "you will upgrade your end of life'd storage to XtremeIO" line.

I was told by a coworker, and I don't know how true this was, but that Epic shops weren't run by the local shop on implementation; Epic told you what to buy and who to hire and what to do; if you didn't play along you lost points on a "quality of installation" score which directly impacted how much you paid for maintenance and support.

User danger declines as two thirds of Chromistas now use HTTPS


They already have. Have an internal facing application with weak SSL? Nope. Can't access it in Chrome because weak DH keys. The excuse is "ask your webmaster to fix it" or "that shouldn't be done that way" not "here's how to bypass it".

Or when they took backspace to go back away suddenly from us all and then say "we won't make it a flag or a setting, but download this bugged out extension instead" and marks all the legitimate complaints they have broken "for user safety" as wontfix.

35,000 ARRIS cable modems at risk from firmware dumper bot


Except this is exceptionally easy to patch both doors:

1: Change the SSH password in the modem provisioning config (it should be an option). You've just closed the door, but if you want to be safer...

2: Change the default Password of the Day seed used for configuration. This is another setting that can be provisioned -- Time Warner sure as hell does it because I can't log in with my backdoor tech credentials anymore with the default Arris PWoD seed.

Did you know iOS 10, macOS Sierra has a problem with crappy VPNs? You do now



I hated when Chrome did that cruft and started throwing "Server has a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key" and locked me out of internal applications.

Because I can somehow convince a vendor overnight to suddenly become compliant, right?

BlackBerry baffled by Dutch cops' phone encryption cracked brag


Cellebrite does have Blackberry support, though they use some weird custom bootloader stuff.


Intel puts cash behind Wi-Fi-first smartmobes


Stop cramming the bills, then we'll talk

Now if... FreedomPop wouldn't operate on the "we're going to tack on unnecessary addons and featurepacks and hide the 'no thanks' checkboxes in really tiny print" model, they'd be golden.

If you try signing up for their service in my experience there's multiple screens that offer "free" stuff that really becomes a hidden add-on. I think at one point I had tallied it to something like $15/month if you don't deselect everything (things like 'premium data', 'voicemail', etc) to get the "free" base service.

URRGH! Evil app WATCHES YOU WATCHING PORN, snaps your grimace


HAH! It's a new spin on the FBI Moneypak viruses.

Bravo, malware devs. Bravo.


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