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Obama calls out encryption in terror strategy speech


Agnostics are atheists who don't want to upset their religious parents.

How to solve a Rubik's Cube in five seconds


Cube Scrambling

Yes. In each round there is a computer generated random scramble which is solved by everyone in that round.

You can download the official scrambler from here:



Re: I figured this out years ago...

So you can pick the stickers off and put them back on in 5 seconds?


Re: Planning and Recognition

Ouch, my lack of clarity bites again.

Quick = under 30 seconds

Fast = under 15 seconds

Very Fast = under 12 seconds

Contender = under 10 seconds

Amazing = under 8 seconds

The best cubers I have seen average 6 to 8 seconds. That's over 5 solves, discarding the fastest and slowest solve, averaging the middle 3.

World records usually happen when an Amazing solver gets a skip on the last layer (the last layer just happens to be solved by luck when the first two layers are solved).

That's why competitions use the average rather than a single solve.


Planning and Recognition

In competition you get 15 seconds to inspect the cube before starting the solve. That is not long enough to plan the whole solve. Therefore an important part of solving is being able to quickly recognise which algorithm you are going to need next, after the one you are doing.

Recognition and look-ahead are what makes the difference between a quick solver and a fast solver.

Apple CEO: We've hoovered up your cash faster than ever before


iOS9 like it or not

Anyone else with an Apple device been force-fed iOS9?

My partner has an iPad which was still on iOS7 because it didn't have enough space to download the iOS8 update. Last night she complained that it had completely run out of space...

Odd, I thought I had freed up about 2GB.

Looks like the iOS9 update was downloaded and used up all the space. Couldn't see how to remove the update. Couldn't do anything else... so installed iOS9.

It seems OK, and the 2GB has magically reappeared, but would have been nice to decide myself if and when to upgrade.

Holy litigation, Batman! Custom Batmobile cars nixed by copyright


Owning characters forever is wrong

Since Batman and the Batmobile were created in 1939, I think it is wrong that they are still considered to be owned 76 years later.

I can see the point of copyright for protecting entire works, or substantial extracts, but not for characters. If someone can make a better Batman story than the people who "own" him, then they should be allowed to sell it.

If someone can make a real Batmobile for sale, then good for them. The original creators didn't make a real car that actually worked... they drew a picture of one. That's not an invention IMO.

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