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Nothing 'unites teams' like a good relocation, eh Vodafone?


Re: £8,000 to relocate from Glasgow to Newbury?

Stamp duty alone on a family home could be £25,000. ergo They don't want to relocate employees with families.

Head office has no parking though.

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 update downs Chrome, Cortana


"Intel Corporation - Display - 2/28/2018 12:00:00 AM - "


Intel patch fixed mine

I had this issue for about 2 days, finally the ststem prompted me to install this:

"Intel Corporation - Display - 2/28/2018 12:00:00 AM - "

and then all was OK, so far 30 hours good.

Alse page 7 here:


Outlook.com looking more like an outage outbreak for Europe


Their customer communications around this issue during the event was almost non existent, their portal said it was up for over two hours when it wasn't. The is no Reason For Outage. And no comment on whether missed emails will return or be lost for ever.

Microsoft's "like it or lump it" approach to support really shows it up during such situations.

Now to email all contacts where i'm awaiting emails to see if they had sent them - grrr.

BT will HATE us for this one weird 5G trick


And add in capability for IOT device data collection and you fix another problem for free - almost.

Get whimsical and win a Western Digital Black 6TB hard drive


Its been 2 days, will she txt or should I?

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