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Talk about a ticket to ride... London rail passengers hear pr0n grunts over PA system


Train Strike - next week

RMT has called a train strike next week to reinstate the fired driver and to demand installing full screen TVs on all trains to make sure drivers don't get bored (and a payrise as well)

Zavvi tells customers: You've won VIP tickets to Champions League final! And you've won tickets, and you've won tickets, and you, and...


Didn't get my email

Does that mean I won? Anyone want a spare ticket to Madrid?

Take your pick: 0/1/* ... but beware – your click could tank an entire edition of a century-old newspaper


Re: Close

or Irish Traveler (note the capitalization)

Centrica: Server fault on Wednesday caused Hive to crash on the Tuesday. Yes, yes, that's what we said


Re: Email apology?

Yes I did receive the email. It blamed an "external supplier"

Rust never sleeps: C++-alike language tops Stack Overflow survey for fourth year in a row


70% White



ABAP missing

ABAP isn't mentioned at all as the internal language of the biggest finance software in the world you would have thought it might appear

How do you sing 'We're jamming and we hope you like jamming, too' in Russian? Kremlin's sat-nav spoofing revealed



Have you ever tried navigating with GPS when not on a road? It is often easier just to go back to old fashioned map reading

Crowdfunded lawyer suing Uber told he can't swerve taxi app giant's £1m legal bill


Re: Who is ultimately responsible for collecting/paying the VAT

He is a political activist. The article even says that the black cab drivers have fronted him 20k. This isn't about VAT it is another step in the sage of Black Cab vs Uber. (and I bet that black don't register for VAT even when they receive over the 85k limit)

At least Sony offered a t-shirt, says macOS flaw finder: Bug bounties now for Macs if you want this 0-day, Apple


Re: If they won't pay then you can always donate it to the government

The London embassy is in suburbia



Re: If they won't pay then you can always donate it to the government

So the North Korean government runs a youth hostel?

Data-nicking UK car repairman jailed six months instead of copping a fine



Now if we can find who have been selling my data to the PPI companies I would never get another phone call

Happy with your Surface Pro 3's battery? Well, here's a setting that will cut the charge by half


Same with Sonys

UK comms watchdog Ofcom pokes probe into Vodafone and EE over network coverage numbers


Protecting our interests

By making phone companies over exaggerate their phone signals

Revealed: The billionaire baron who’ll ride Elon’s thrusting erection to the Moon and back


Re: pathetic

That website is a Pointless waste of energy and release of greenhouse gases! Did you see the ad cancer that covered my screen?

Australia blocks Huawei, ZTE from 5G rollout



How do you remember you user name?

HMRC opens consultation to crack down on off-payroll working in private sector


Risk vs Reward

It baffles me why contractors are expected to be treated as employees for tax, but not receive holidays or normal benefits but have to foot the risk of unemployment (either through termination or between jobs) and not have that risk tax deductable

Surprise: Android apps are riddled with trackers


How is LinkedIn not there?

The LinkedIn app was installed by default on an old phone (Sony) and once logged in slurped all my email contacts straight back to HQ. If they do that they will certainly track anything they can

FBI: Student wrestler grappled grades after choking passwords from PCs using a key logger


Re: FBI make federal case out of school keylogger

The costs probably aren't as extreme as your would have thought.

The article implies 6 classes which implies minimum of 6 professors plus 6 TAs, factor in 2-3 IT staff, 5 friends/accomplices means approximately 22 interview (at minimum). Each interview takes 2-3 hours (1 for the interview and at least an hour of faffing and transport). Each interview has 2-3 FBI

That implies 22*3*3 hours just for interviews = 198 FBI hours, almost $20k on just interviews @$100/hr (which is reasonable for a mid level FBI + tax + overtime + holiday + 401k etc). This doesn't included the FBI IT techs, the searches of properties, the investigations, the re-interviews, the incorrect interviews (there will have been innocent people and staff from other courses). Then factor in the overheads, rent, hotels, cars. - maybe 5k

Then you have the cost of preparing for trial - FBI lawyers, re interviews, preparing - probably the same 20k again

66.5k seems padded, but not by much

UK third worst in Europe for fibre-to-the-premises – report


OpenReach - not fit for purpose

Every time I check my area for fibre they insist I can't get it, even though the box 2m from my house is FTTC enabled AND I already have FTTP. They often try arguing with me that I don't have a fibre cable coming in to the building.

Usually the argument is when then cut off my copper cable (because they insist I pay for one) and then wonder why I don't notice for weeks/months

Equifax backtracks arbitrate-don't-litigate plan for punters


someone has equifaxsecurity2018.com redirects, but not equifaxsecurity2019.com

Registered on Godaddy...

London Tube tracking trial may make commuting less miserable


Cost on PAYG

Sadly it often costs more to walk if you are travelling PAYG

US Navy grabs old-fashioned sextants amid hacker attack fears


Re: Coast Guard?

Coast Guard. I wonder if they ever thought to look over the side - if they can't see the coast they might be too far away from it!

Google must cough up contact info for 8,000 employees in gender discrimination case


Re: Wait till Gender Pay Gap hits UK

I've worked for companies in the UK who pay non-British, non-white more money. Doubt anyone will be complaining there (yes I do have access to payroll)

Bloke charged under UK terror law for refusing to cough up passwords


Don't remember password

I wonder what would happen if I was stopped. My server has a whole load of VMs where I can't remember the passwords. Of course they aren't technically mine (previous company training/sample material I never deleted), so it would be illegal for me to hack them and illegal for me to not....

Great Ormond Street children's hospital still offline after WannaCrypt omnishambles


So why exactly was it taken down?

Someone pulled the plug to stop the infection and they can't remember where it came from?

Do we need Windows patch legislation?


Re: Forced to support forever

Funny, I would use the same argument to say there is an expectancy for updates. You buy a perpetual licence (like most XP ones were) so they agreed to fix it for the length of a licence.

I outright bought my car, I don't expect GM to come and fix it every time it develops a fault.

Of course 16 years is too long to expect a company to support a product

Majority of contractors distrust HMRC's IR35 calculator, survey finds


I have guys working for me who work directly under an employment contract in a India who aren't substitutable. Thy would technically fall within IR35 if they worked for me in England.

Its very strange to imagine that HMRC would want me to pay more to employ the same person in the UK

Uncle Sam backs down on slurping passwords from US visa hopefuls


Won't bypass privacy filters

How many seconds do you think it will be before they by pass the filters once they raise everyone blocks everything to anonymous users?

Plus I can barely remember the places I have flown this year and this has been a slow year. How will I remember 15 years worth? Eu travel isn't in my passports, but I'm sure they know about it

Mastercard launches card that replaces PIN with fingerprint sensor


Re: Cheque Mate

Not used a cheque in a while (so long that my computer doesn't recognize as a word) , but I seem to remember a pretty typical method was 1) try and pull out 2) separate cheque from other cheques (putting prints the one below) and when that doesn't work 3) touch every cheque everywhere as you slowly rip off

New PayPal T&Cs prevents sellers trash-talking PayPal


Re: Fuck Paypal



"The Money Laundering Regulations apply to a number of different business sectors, including financial and credit businesses"

"Money Service Businesses",,,"transmits money, or any representation of money"

I think that is pretty comprehensive (Paypal transmits money, also they act as bureau de change so are caught twice). They are covered by money laundering regulations. They might take money form a bank, but how do they whose bank account it really is?


Re: Fuck Paypal

Most of that is because they need to do it by law for anti-money laundering regulations. Three pieces is excessive, but nothing more than your average bank would request.

How Google.org stole the Christmas Spirit


Admin fees

The fees might seem large,. But I think they are in line with admin fees of any charity. It is just not nice to presented it then

Renewed calls for Tesla to scrap Autopilot after number of crashes


Re: 98%

To be the 2% might not get to breed if they think a car will drive itself. (Though if they can afford a Tesla they are probably old enough to have breed)

New Euro-net will let you stream Snakes on a Plane on a *!#@ plane


Ryanair announces its internet charges

£15 is you book in advance £50 if you pay on the plane

Plus of course £5 iPad rental (compulsory) and 3% 'convenience fee'

Allow us to sum this up: UK ISP Plusnet minus net for nine-plus hours


I guess I should cancel that engineers appointment

My line was only running at 38MB (FTTP so should be 80)


Re: A little slow in Berkshire

Prices: £10 (rising to £15 at some point) for 4Gb or 8Gb for broadband customers with unlimited text and calls

BT will HATE us for this one weird 5G trick


Empty pavements and buses

I don't know where you live, but its obviously not rush hour in London. Every bus I see is crammed to bursting and the pavements aren't much better in central. The reason the pavements SEEM clear is when a mad capped cyclist is riding at speed along them swearing at people they tend to jump out of the way.

Yes I do cycle to work (on the road) and I tend to have more problems with the taxis. They weave in and out of bus lanes cut everyone off, just to provide a chauffeur service to people who don't want to sully themselves with public transport

I do like the idea of mobile phone companies sponsoring street lights, it might mean they actually get put in sensible places and fix when broken

Europe loves to pay by bonk* - survey


Who the hell is using them daily?

I have only seen a few people use them - usually on the tube - and even then they call it a amusing faff after they have done

Without new anti-robot laws, humanity is doomed, MPs told


"Don't be silly, you can't expect the British government to adopt a set of rules developed by a foreign Sci-Fi Author, can you?"

Because no government would listen to a RELIGION designed by a Sci-Fi author!

Ordinary punters will get squat from smart meters, reckons report


Re: No, thank you.

Cut off supply? I would imagine it will happen on day one.Some people will just bypass the meters just to get electricity and make real savings

Plusnet broadband outage: Customers fume as TITSUP* continues


South East London here

No problems on their FTTP


Re: Fortuneately

And probably spell fortunately correctly!

Tesla driver dies after Model S hits tree


Re: standard operating procedures

If a milk float gets into a crash the SOP is to laugh at the driver for having a 3mph crash then pick up the milk bottles

Chubby Chinese students refused top bunk


The exercise to get in the top bunk will do them good and provide some entertainment for everyone else


Non-life threatening

Like a broken leg?

New Firefox versions will make you activate all new add-ons – except one hacker favourite


You pay the license fee, you get the content

China's Great Firewall inventor forced to use VPN live on stage to dodge his own creation


This post has been deleted by its author

The censors are here as well!

LG builds a DAB+ digital radio radio into a smartmobe


Re: DAB, DAB+ and Digital Radio Mondial

@Dan 55 There was a Virgin mobile phone the Lobster 700TV which had DAB in 2007. Shame it was a crap phone which barely made it out the box

Dead Steve Jobs owed $174 by San Francisco parking ticket wardens


Name and Address

They have the name and address for every person on that list - why have they not just sent a cheque? (or check - it is America!)

Meet Barra's baby: Xiaomi arrives with a splash


Security Optional

With all the problems with governments hacking into phones these days (iPhone and FBI this week) what assurances do we have the Chinese haven't pre-backed holes in their phones?


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