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Intel doubles its bounty for women and ethnic minorities


Reverse Racism is still Racism

Isn't it just as racist to accept a black or latino for a position over a Caucasian because of their race, than the opposite? Or just as sexist to accept a female over a male for her sex than the opposite? Congratulations Intel, we know you don't hate blacks, latinos, or women. You can now stop being racist and sexist and accept the best qualified candidates blindly.

I wouldn't care if the workforce was 100% black women or white male, so long as it was evident that was not due to racial or gender profiling, but because most/all qualified candidates happened to be that race/sex. I would care more than an underqualified minority was hired for the sake of "political correctness."

REVERSE RACISM IS STILL RACISM. Employers should be blind to gender and race.

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