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Want security? Next-gen startups show how old practices don't cut it



I think what everyone appears to be saying (or I hope, as it reflects my feelings); Is that these applications seem to be great, but we have been sold snake oil before that will solve all our problems except for (we later find out), 80% of all our real world problems.

At the end of the day defense in depth comes from getting all the non-sexy, expensive basics right, like patching, security zoning, two factor authentication, explicit authorisation etc. etc.

These products may be great and a wonderful investment, but they will be additional to all the other stuff, it won't solve the worlds security problems in isolation.


Re: Frequent password changes

And does your corporate policy reflect this forward thinking?

iOS storing enterprise credentials in directory anyone can read


CVE Numbers

Is the CVE number wrong? Googling that seems to take me to something else entirely.

Is it CVE-2015-3793 and 2015-5749?

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