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Brexit Britain changes its mind, says non, nein, no to Europe's unified patent court – potentially sealing its fate


Re: For a contrasting view...

He asked for a novel patent earning money in the last decade (that's newer than 2010), not a patent applied for in 1985 and granted in 1990 (and renewed in 2005).

Finally proof that Apple copies Samsung: iPhone 7 Plus halts, catches fire like a Galaxy Note 7

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Re: Water damage

The iPhone 7 (and Plus) are waterproof. You can spill something on it, and drop it in water without problems, so this is actually complete bull.

Zuck covers up mic and webcam because sharing isn't always good


If you cut off the cord from a microphone jack, plug it in and tape it in place, your internal mic will be disabled. It means it's impossible (or a lot harder) to sneak in audio from the mic.

Ransomware now using disk-level encryption


According to https://twitter.com/marcwrogers/status/714666493666017281 Petya encrypts the file table by XOR'ing with 7. Should be relatively easy to decrypt.

T-Mobile USA’s BingeOn is a smash hit. So what now?


Re: "Throttling" is the "nice" word for it

The meaning of bandwidth throttling in this context is limiting the throughput for a certain use, which is exactly what T-Mobile is doing in this case. As far as I understood, if BingOn is enabled and video is detected, the bandwidth for that particular connection is limited to what's needed for 480p.

It does not 'kill' video, but it does impact ALL video, even the services not subscribed to it.

Personally, I wouldn't have a problem with it if it only affected the zero-rated services. Unfortunately, it doesn't do that, and all your video services will be limited to 480p when BingOn is enabled.

If you only care about the zero-rated services it's definitely a win. If you want other services at normal quality it's not.

NOTE: This is from reading various pieces on BingeOn. I don't live in the US, and don't have a T-Mobile LTE myself.

Two weeks of Windows 10: Just how is Microsoft doing?


There's reports of laptop screen EDID's being overwritten by Windows 10. This results in laptops no longer being able to boot, or only being able to boot with an external screen attached. The EDID in the screen's eeprom is overwritten with garbage.

See http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/windows-10-upgrade-warning-for-alienware-owners.779449/


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