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Dear Santa: Can gov.UK please stop outsourcing?


Re: a thought

Having been involved in several outsourcing contracts in a previous existence: usually the winner has underpriced, either because they misunderstood the requirement or because they had a mechanism for making their profits later - EDS is notorious for that one. Often the outsourcing party has focused on price rather than results. The contracts often lock in a specification that looked ok when first written two years before the contract was awarded, but looks increasingly at odds with the organizations needs a few years into the contract, with no way to improve things. There are often perverse incentives: one outsourcer I had to price an IT service for had spent their limited capital budget, had a restricted operations budget but could add consultancy when they wanted, so I had to price the service in consultancy hours.

The best outsourcing contracts aren't based on cost savings at all. They recognize that the outsourcer has expertise or facilities that the outsourcing party needs access to. They allow flexibility during the life of the contract, have frequent senior meetings to ensure that everything is still on track, and have sensible management of the inevitable exit.

Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership election


Goodbye Labour Party

I wonder what will replace it?

Sunk by 'patent troll': Iron Speed director asks 'anyone want to buy us?'


Patent infringers are not all trolls

Big companies knowingly infringe patents awarded to small companies too - see Dyson v Hoover 2001, http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/954623.stm. Limiting damages to the revenue damage caused to the small business would encourage big companies to infringe patents. The process of proper patent examination is a lot less expensive than litigation - it should be made possible for a patent examiner with some legal training to adjudicate on the validity of a patent troll's patent and dismiss it before it ever gets to court.

Another root hole in OS X. We know it, you know it, the bad people know it – and no patch exists


Re: Using page zero...

Null pointer dereferencing is one of the SANS Top 25 programming errors every organization should be catching.

Rise up against Oracle class stupidity and join the infosec strike


Corporate liability

While I applaud the sentiment, there will always be someone willing to forget their professional ethics in exchange for dollars. The only way to change the game is to make business leaders personally responsible for the damage caused by their lack of diligence - and making it stick. Then they will be chasing YOU to make sure that their bonuses are safe. Managers making bad decisions that affect security should be exposed.

FAIL: Windows 10 bulk patch produces INFINITE CRASH LOOP


Re: And this, children...

Microsoft seems to regard its customers as a bunch of tools.

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