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Doctor Who storms back in fine form with Season 9 opener The Magician's Apprentice

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Its was actually the first decent Dr who episode in ages...and like all bad endings with the doctor it will probably be ruined next week with a soppy lame " Nah I wont shoot the evil Davros kid" bit and it will be awful.

Like a lot of the decent ones (the few there have been).

Overall the new 8 previous Dr WHO series have been cheesy and lame. About time it grew some balls like the old ones used to have.

Windows 10: A sysadmin speaks his brains – and says MEH

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Re: Trust issues

When you have no choice, the choice is made for you.

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Went back to Windows 7 and reskinned it look better.

Went back to Windows 7 because of Windows bugs. Then simply paid for WindowBlinds for $10 and can Reskin my WIn 7 PC to look look like whatever I want.

Looks nice and works fine with games. Couldn't care less about bandwidth hogging Windows APPs. I also have a Samsung Tab 4 and it updates me on news etc. For a trickle of the wasted Bandwidth that Windows 10 spyware was using.

Windows 10 has been BSODing me to death. Windows 7 everything works fine again..Ive got 2 more years and by then I will need a new PC anyway. Plus I can always switch to Linux for future gaming.

We tried using Windows 10 for real work and ... oh, the horror

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Windows 10 uninstalled.

I tried Windows 10 twice but finally removed Windows 10 a few days ago. Its a real stinker and Microsoft must have been panicking to release it in this state. Its buggy, graphics card die in Windows 10 and it BSODs often.

Right piece of junk.

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Re: Sorry but I think this review is RUBBISH

Sorry, but some eye candy and no privacy, doesn't make it good. Its buggy crashy junk compared to windows 7. Robs bandwidth and uses up unnecessary cpu time with apps in the background.

If I need notifications a popup window is enough.

And I also have a Tablet and cheap smartphone anyway, for assorted non PC, quick search web gunk apps. It does a b etter job and allows my PC to stay a PC, not was processing power on unnecessary junk.

Windows 10 growth flattens out to 30 per cent per week

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I tried windows 10 and went back to win 7

I tried windows 10 twice and on both occasions it's been a crashy buggy mess. Returned back to Window's 7 I won't upgrade my OS till I need to replace my PC 3 years from now. Even then look might not bother with Window's, as Linux gaming support is improving a lot. Probably keep my old PC around for legacy gaming online. From lack of privacy, to constant bugs, I'm keeping well away from Win 10.

Pi-eyed: Microsoft ships slimmed-down Windows 10 IoT Core for gizmos

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No thanks. Pi is lower spec. its already well supported Linux wise for building stuff.

No thanks. Linux already has PI covered and got good community support. No one that uses low spec devices wants Windows Bloatware. Its not an office machine and Arduino IDE and hardware modules already supports Raspberry Pi for Linux.

Windows 10 climbs to 3.55 per cent market share, Win 8.1 dips

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Hows everyone enjoying the latest recursive loop bug? Good job I rolled back to Win 7 last week. OMG is Windows 10 a buggy piece of crap. Even some newer games refuse to work with it.

I'm staying with Windows 7 as long as Possible, then i'm staying on Linux Mint. I like my freedom. With Win 10 you get none.

Win 10's 3.98% seems like a lot in the first 10 days, but its a free Windows upgrade. Its not a huge amount considering that.

Windows 10 security and computer access policy is like a NSA wet dream too.


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