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Techie finds himself telling caller there is no safe depth of water for operating computers


Re: Header pic

Or Hong Kong ?

New MeX-Files: The curious case of an evacuated US solar lab, the FBI – and bananas conspiracy theories



They have discovered proof that Trump is not an alien after all.

Buggy software could lock a Jeep's cruise control


Diesels can be even more exiciting when the engine runs away on you.

While you're preparing to carve Thanksgiving turkey, the FCC will be slicing into net neutrality


Money Grab

""Chairman Pai will restore the long-standing bipartisan approach to the internet, which will help drive billions of new dollars into mobile broadband networks, boost our economy, and ensure that we continue to lead the world in mobile wireless services," said the CTIA, which represents wireless and internet providers, from Verizon to AT&T and Sprint."

And where do you think these billions of dollars are going to ultimately come from????

Perhaps middle-aged blokes SHOULDN'T try 34-hour-long road trips


Re: NZ and territories

From my memory of driving in the UK, there is no greater sin than overtaking on the LHS. In NZ it is normally legal, provided there are marked lanes, but there have been suggestions this could change.

I've often wondered why it is so frowned on in the UK - otherwise why bother to mark the lanes in the first place?

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