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New Monty Python movie to turn old jokes into new royalties


What a stupid concept.

Pirate Bay digs itself a new hole: Mining alt-coin in slurper browsers


When I first heard about the javascript mining scripts, we discussed this being the perfect 'micro-payment' solution for websites rather than Google ads. There goes TPB, blazing the way forward.

TalkTalk offers customer £30.20 'final settlement' after crims nick £3,500


I couldn't help but notice that they insisted that the credit card information had been tokenized, but gave no mention of ACH information. Considering the article mentioned that the money had vanished from the victim's personal bank account, I'd suspect that they were storing bank account:routing numbers in plain text.

Which, as everyone knows, is not PCI compliant.

Windows 10 wipes your child safety settings if you upgrade from 7 or 8


Re: ...We all know that porn is found in bushes...

Chances are that the covers were ripped off and mailed back to the printers, as shipping unsold magazines was too heavy a cost burden on those running the magazine racks. After 'stripping' the books/magazines, the retailers were honor-bound to destroy them.

How they wound up under the bush is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, covered with flaky crust and baked until golden brown.

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