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Buffer overflow flaw in British Airways in-flight entertainment systems will affect other airlines, but why try it in the air?

Gwyn Evans

Re: "Buffer overflow" has a specific meaning

Indeed, particularly as no one's going to believe his change to "not probing for vulnerabilities" when reminded of things such as the Computer Misuse Act...

Any sort of reputable pentester/security researcher knows to get the systems owner's agreement before testing, rather than just rocking up and ****ing about trying to break a multi-user production system, let alone one where there's unlikely to be anyone with knowledge/access to recover any damage or loss of service caused.

Do not adjust your set: Hats off to Apple, you struggle to shift iPhones 'cos you're oddly ethical

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Re: Last Longer? Not comparable models.

What version of Android are they running, or more to the point, what’s the date of the last security update those phones received?

That was the issue I found with old Moto G phone (and G4's).

We're 'heartbroken' we got caught selling your email records to Uber, says Unroll.me boss

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LastPass scrambles to fix another major flaw – once again spotted by Google's bugfinders

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Re: I don't get it

Hmm, I'm of the opinion that if you can reliably remember the passwords for even as few as the top 20 accounts you use, you're either using passwords with too little entropy, or you're using a scheme that, if one password is exposed, will effectively weaken many of the other ones...

Google RIPS aside curtain, exposes Nexus 5 phone, KitKat Android 4.4 coupling

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Re: UK rip off ?

Don't forget that US prices are quoted excluding sales tax, while UK prices include VAT.

ISPs: Relax. Blocking porn online won't really work

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Just a way to boost cyber skills...

On the plus side, if this is ever implemented, it'll train the youth of today in practical skills involving DNS, firewalls, network routing, etc...

REVEALED: Everything Everywhere new 4G logo ... a SNAIL?

Gwyn Evans

Re: EE

Surely that was EEV (English Electric Valve Company)?

Iran: Our nuke facilities still under attack by US, Israelis 'and MI6'

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Re: Hey Iran...

Think they've tried turning it off and on again?

Super-powerful Flame worm could take YEARS to dissect

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Re: zlib and SQLlite, huh?

In Soviet Russia, code shares you!

Student's Linux daemon 0-day triggers InfoSec Institute outcry

Gwyn Evans

Note the update on the Infosec website...

Update 4/12/12: The wicd team has released a new version that fixes this bug (CVE-2012-2095). The title of this advisory upon release has been, and always has been "wicd Privilege Escalation 0Day

Tested against Backtrack 5, 5 R2, Arch distributions". When we tweeted and emailed to mailing lists the notifications of this vulnerability, we incorrectly shortened the title and called it "Backtrack 5 R2 priv escalation 0day ", which is misleading and could lead people to believe the bug was actually in Backtrack. The bug has always resided in wicd and not in any Backtrack team written code. We apologize for the confusion to the Backtrack team and any other persons affected by this error. We feel the Backtrack distro is a great piece of software and wish muts and the rest of the team the best.


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Re: For Amiga owners there was

Not just Amiga's, although Amiga's & Atari ST's had the most advanced graphics - Spent many hours on my ST with that game!

Paper plane world record disputed

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Re: How quaint

There's some detail on the Popular Mechanics site, where he explains a bit about the plane, calling it "the most technical plane I’ve ever made" and yes, it was A4 by design.


CIX conferencing system is bought out – again

Gwyn Evans


et moi...

(Maybe this year... :-)

2009's Top E-book Readers

Gwyn Evans

Or the Sony Touch at £150, maybe?

The 'street price' of £150 for the Sony Touch makes it a bit more attractive than the list price, anyway, although I'd agree that the PRS-505's still a good buy if you can get one at a decent (sub £200) price now. More on the topic at my site - http://eBookReaderGuide.co.uk - if anyone's interested.

Naomi Campbell pleads guilty to assault

Gwyn Evans

"Let them find cake..."

Doug: She didn't want to get off the plane - it was the captain that she wanted to get off & go find her luggage for her...

Council worker develops PC energy-saving program

Gwyn Evans

Downside of the big red button

At Essex University, the security guards used to use the "big red button" approach of an evening - not entirely coincidentally, the mainframe would often then shut down (as a result of the power spike caused by the disconnect)! Not sure how long it took for the two to be connected, but probably less time that it took to stop the guards taking the 'easy option'.

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