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ICANN further implicated in .Africa controversy


Re: FFS, it's Africa!

How do you discuss a 70 page document in an emergency Board meeting? Someone is paid. Chairman I believe, someone needs to follow the money.

ICANN/AUC/ZACR collusion is damning, complete disconnect on .Africa case and rulebook is totally unacceptable.

This looks like a winding FIFA repeat.


Re: My question is: who cares about a .africa domain?

Africa cares about this domain, when it was first introduced to the ICANN public it represented a very real purpose, a glimmer of hope for Africa’s identity online, however somewhere along the line things got messed up as Kieren’s article exposed all.

Without the IRP probably these gory details of the mess would not have surfaced.

It could take longer to delegate .africa and this is dependent on ICANN’s admittance of wrong.

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