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'We Want Two' Navy carrier plan pondered by Cabinet


One is enough!

The UK will never not be able to rely on an ally to loan them a bit of international cooperation if needed. And if there is another falklands then a 2 week wait will solve the problem of getting your single carrier seaworthy again. Like, they had time to transform a cruise shop into a troop transporter. I think France only has one, think of the new entente cordiale that could be born!

US Navy says electric jet-flinger tech looking good


What's wrong with a chopper carrier?

Hi Lewis, what's your take on the french Mistral Helicopter Carrier? I stumbled onto the concept recently while reading about the french trying to sell them to the russians. Personally I like the concept, except maybe for airborne radar options. I don't think you'd launch a Hawkeye from it. But it'd be perfect for a Falklands-style regional conflict, no?

The Mistral-class ships carry amphibious landing boats, tanks and helicopters. They have a hospital deck, and a command-center. Almost no wepons to speak of, that's the support flotilla's job.

Ten... Wireless Headphones


Headphones for TV?

Any chance of an article on wireless headphones for home use with a TV?

I've ended up using the ones from LIDIL which have poor quality but otherwise do what I need

- 3.5mm jack

- multiple headphones so several people can listen to the TV

- but separate channels so I can use a separate transmitter for the PC to watch a DVD...

Since bluetooth does pairing, you can't have 2 headphones listening to the same transmitter, right?

For that matter I have friends who want to have wireless loudspeakers...

People have no bloody idea about saving energy


Eco is easy

Its easy to be environmentally friendly. There's only one rule. "Do not waste." And the corollary, don't waste your time worrying about waste that's so small as to ignore. You know it when your wasting, or you'll recognize it when someone points it out. Its not about carbon emissions, its not about methane or farts or global warming or saving the whales. Just don't waste. Use what you need, leave the rest for the others. Profit when someone finds a way to use less. Do recycle, it reduces waste. Buy the glass container instead of the plastic one because its easier to recycle, unless you want the screw-top that comes with the plastic one. Enjoy it!

Police told terror ads too terrifying offensive


So denounce yourselves!?

So don't wait for your neighbor to denounce you, do it to yourselves first!

Also that would stick one in the eye of the system...

Women reveal all for X-rayted pin-up calendar


Wow. some shoes!

How come the shoes are opaque?

Is it ethical to take x-ray snaps for publicity? The model must have overdone her yearly x-ray quota!

Or are the photos fake?

Mystery fungus smacks Afghan opium poppies


Incredible Spin

I heard this story on the radio this morning, I thought I was in another world.

The first thing the Americans tried to do in Afghanistan was to suppress the opium trade, and yet now we're being told that its a crisis the crop failed.

I swear, next year the Americans will guarantee a minimum price like with the EU Common Agricultural Policy, and provide free helicopter transport to get the heroin to market!

On the other hand, want to bet that they're already massively buying the production using the fake 100-dollar bills they claim the Iranians (or the North Koreans) are printing?

Its a very strange world.

LHC particle-punisher in record 7 TeV hypercollisions


that's why its rainigg?

I live in geneva, and its been raining straight since midday, now I know why!

Euro astro biz: It's time for solar panels in Spaaace


Use satellites for public lighting?

I've always wondered, why has no company offered a big city to take over its public lighting service.

Mirrors in space could keep paris or london lit 24h/day for next to nothing! No need for full daylight, an improved twilight would be fine. This seems to me to be the perfect way to bootstrap the "energy from space" business...

My hospital HAL - Google man moots syringe that says no

Big Brother

The syringe is a metaphor

I think its safe to say that the "smart syringe" is a metaphor for "a point-of-care" personal medical information system. Biometrics may be unreliable, but accessing the medical records for the 10 people closely matching the thumprint is a quick fix for privacy issues. But the problem with the NHS Nymphette (sorry, NPfIT) is the BOFH, end of story.

Visa gives merchants crypto card security guidelines

Thumb Down

Credit card numbers by email!

Twice I've seen online retailers send credit card numbers by email.

Last month I reserved an hotel, gave my name, credit card number, expiry date, security code.

When I arrived and paid in cash, the reception gave me the email they had printed out, with all the info I'd given to the https website.

Previously, a few years ago, when I canceled an order on a web-shop, they returned an email confirming that they had not debited my card number ... (full card number was given).

Rise in Northern Ireland violence highlights data failing


@Ted Treen

""...the english army police and secret police work together to collude with loyalist murderers and facilitate their racist criminal activities..."

My word Sir; you do talk the most amazing load of bollocks."

While part of Sean's tirade may have been bollocks, I think there were proven connections between establishment and loyalist forces, and consequential cover-ups.

Says Wikipedia "According to a report released by the Irish government in 2006 , members of British security forces colluded with loyalist paramilitaries in a number of attacks during the troubles."

US airforce looking at winged-rocket booster 'X-plane'


poor specs!

"rocket-powered" ? Is that in the spec? Goodness how last-century!

The most important part of the spec should be "for unmanned use" (or not).

OK at least it says that the're not looking for solid-propellant boosters - like all the other boosters out there. What's weird is that the shuttle has re-usable boosters - certified for manned flight.

So what's so wildly cost-cutting about putting wings on them?

Sounds to me like the swan-song of some top administrator before going to retirement, who always dreamed of doing things like in the 50s si-fi books...

DARPA at Phase 3 on solar powered surveillance strato-ship

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So when will one of these things actually work?

All through the doc.com boom we've been hearing about metropolitan wan with stratospheric balloons, cellphone with stratospheric balloons, rocket launches with balloons.

I'm bored, deploy one of the things already!

Balloon built from a radar antenna is slightly new, but its not the first thing I'd float if it was possible. Why have none of these projects ever gotten off the ground? Are satellites really cheaper?

Emulex and QLogic bring FCoE closer


Whats TCOP/IP then?

Total Cost of Pain over IP ?

Peaches Geldof cops a severe shoeing

Paris Hilton

Is she cute?

I mean, I sorta guessed that "Peaches" is feminine, but with the comparison to PH, should I be looking for the sex tape or what?

Bush to Congress: streamline star-chamber spy court


Isn't this already legal in other countries?

The US law is a bit "hyper" about not spying on US citizens, no matter where they are. But in France and I think in other european countries any communication that crosses a national frontier can be intercepted without a warrant. Sorry I can't back this up with a URL...


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