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systemd-free Devuan Linux hits version 1.0.0


We don't use this box often. It's old, beatup, has no keys, (we use a usb keyboard), and has only 1 gig ram. I still like it. I usually use my old asus board 8 gig ram and Phenom II processor. The 1521 is sort of weird. I guess it was built for windows vista but win 7 runs on it. I think all I needed was the vista video driver and maybe the dell wireless package to run 7 comfortably. winxp was a nightmare. don't remember if I ever got all the drivers for xp.

This box has run a lot of nix's. several *BSD's. I think slackware-current x86 and x86_64 kernel wants too much of it though. The older slacks run fine. devuan 3.16.0-4-686-pae runs smoothly. Could do without the pae as it has so little ram.


Devuan is a fine operating system.. for me.. It runs great on an old Dell 1521 inspiron laptop. b43 broadcom wireless works fine right out of the box. I wish the developers the best.

Five lightweight Linux desktop worlds for extreme open-sourcers


I use jwm on a sony vgn-n110g, Slackware 14.1. No systemd and the kit performs admirably for everything I use it for ie watching videos, websearch, gnubackgammon. it has 512Mb ram. if it were not for Linux, the kit would have been retired to the landfill long ago

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